Mary Robinson Appointed New Chair of The Elders

first_imgThe Elders announced today that their new Chair will be Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.Mary Robinson becomes The Elders’ third Chair since the group was founded by Nelson Mandela in 2007, following Archbishop Desmond Tutu (2007-13) and Kofi Annan (2013-2018).Ban Ki-moon, former UN Secretary-General, and Graça Machel, former Education Minister of Mozambique and co-founder of The Elders, will serve as joint Deputy Chairs, succeeding Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Prime Minister of Norway, who has held the role since 2013.Mary Robinson said:“It is a huge honour to take up the role as Chair of The Elders at such a critical moment for peace, justice and human rights worldwide. Building on the powerful legacies of Archbishop Tutu and Kofi Annan, I am confident that our group’s voice can both be heard by leaders and amplify grassroots activists fighting for their rights.”Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Emeritus Elder and former Chair, said:“I am delighted that Mary Robinson is the new Chair of The Elders. I have witnessed her commitment to rights and justice in Palestine, Côte d’Ivoire, India and so many other parts of the world. Mary always puts ordinary people at the heart of The Elders’ mission, and I know she will fight for their rights with the same vigour as our dearly missed brother Kofi.”Ban Ki-moon, former UN Secretary-General and new Deputy Chair of The Elders, said:“It is a pleasure and a privilege to become Deputy Chair of The Elders alongside Graça Machel. I look forward to working with my fellow Elders under Mary Robinson’s leadership to defend human rights, address the challenge of climate change and promote equality.”Graça Machel, co-founder of The Elders with Nelson Mandela, said:“When Madiba launched The Elders over a decade ago, I knew this would play a critically important part in my life. We have accomplished so much together, especially giving a voice to the voiceless, but there is so much more still to be done to achieve the peaceful, just world that Nelson Mandela believed we all can share.”last_img read more

UNbacked report shows most of worlds coral reefs under threat

“Reefs at Risk Revisited,” launched today in Washington and London, says that if the threats to the reefs are not dealt with, more than 90 per cent of them will be threatened by 2030 and nearly all reefs will be at risk by 2050.Global pressures are leading to coral bleaching from rising sea temperatures and increasing ocean acidification from carbon dioxide pollution, according to the assessment of threat to coral reefs by the World Resources Institute, the Nature Conservancy, the WorldFish Center, the International Coral Reef Action Network, the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network and the World Conservation Monitoring Centre of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP-WCMC), along with a network of more than 25 organizations.“This report serves as a wake-up call for policy-makers, business leaders, ocean managers and others about the urgent need for greater protection for coral reefs,” said Jane Lubchenco, Under-Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and Administrator of the US National Oceans and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).“As the report makes clear, local and global threats, including climate change, are already having significant impacts on coral reefs, putting the future of these beautiful and valuable ecosystems at risk,” she added.According to Lauretta Burke, senior associate at the World Resources Institute and a lead author of the report, coral reefs are valuable resources for millions of people worldwide.“Despite the dire situation for many reefs, there is reason for hope,” she said. “Reefs are resilient, and by reducing the local pressures we can buy time as we find global solutions to preserve reefs for future generations.”The report includes multiple recommendations to better protect and manage reefs, including through marine protected areas. The analysis shows that more than one-quarter of reefs are already encompassed in a range of parks and reserves, more than any other marine habitat. However, only 6 per cent of reefs are in protected areas that are effectively managed.“Well-managed marine protected areas are one of the best tools to safeguard reefs,” said Mark Spalding, senior marine scientist at the Nature Conservancy and one of the authors.“At their core, reefs are about people as well as nature: ensuring stable food supplies, promoting recovery from coral bleaching, and acting as a magnet for tourist dollars. We need to apply the knowledge we have to shore up existing protected areas, as well as to designate new sites where threats are highest, such as the populous hearts of the Caribbean, South-East Asia, East Africa and the Middle East,” he added.According the report, more than 275 million people live in the direct vicinity of coral reefs. In more than 100 countries and territories, coral reefs protect 150,000 kilometres of shorelines, helping defend coastal communities and infrastructure against storms and erosion.The report identifies the 27 nations most socially and economically vulnerable to coral reef degradation and loss. Among these, the nine most vulnerable countries are Haiti, Grenada, Philippines, Comoros, Vanuatu, Tanzania, Kiribati, Fiji and Indonesia. 24 February 2011An estimated 75 per cent of the world’s coral reefs are threatened by local human activity, including over-fishing, coastal development and pollution, and global pressures such as climate change, warming seas and rising ocean acidification, according to a United Nations-backed report unveiled today. read more

China oilsands deal and BC pipelines stand buffet Harpers resource strategy

by Heather Scoffield, The Canadian Press Posted Jul 23, 2012 5:51 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email China oilsands deal and B.C. pipelines stand buffet Harper’s resource strategy OTTAWA – First China, then British Columbia.Two major developments on Monday are putting the centrepiece of Stephen Harper’s much-vaunted economic strategy to the test.Harper has moved aggressively to put natural resource exploitation at the forefront of his government policy, aiming to ensure Canada’s future as an energy superpower.But Monday’s massive $15-billion takeover bid for Calgary’s Nexen Inc. by the state-owned China National Offshore Oil Company will force Harper’s hand, making him decide how much say foreign interests can have on how Canadian energy is developed.And statements from British Columbia’s government — laying out new conditions for the Northern Gateway pipeline to carry Alberta bitumen to the West Coast — add more uncertainty to the future of the controversial pipeline.The pipeline has been a key part of Harper’s strategy to diversify Canada’s trade and ship more oil to Asia.Both developments raise pointed questions about who gets the spoils of natural resource development, and who shoulders the risks.Observers of all stripes say the sands are shifting so rapidly, it’s now time for Canadian political leaders to hash out a coherent plan on how the country’s energy bounty should be dealt with in the interest of all of Canada.“It’s really important for Canada as a whole,” said University of Calgary economist Jack Mintz. “It’s important we get our thinking straight, to make sure we do it for the benefit of all Canadians.”Environmentalist Gillian McEachern said she hopes to see that kind of direction coming later this week from the premiers when they meet in Halifax and discuss a national energy strategy.“Canadians need to come together to decide what’s in our best interest, and what kind of energy future we want,” McEachern said.CNOOC’s $15-billion proposed all-cash takeover of Nexen was a friendly bid, offering shareholders a generous 60-per-cent premium on their holdings.The real test will be at the political level. The deal requires approval from federal Industry Minister Christian Paradis, who will need to determine under the Investment Canada Act whether the transaction is of net benefit for Canada.His review will take an initial 45 days, and can be extended by 30 days or more.As is standard, the Competition Bureau will also require a review to see if the transaction would dramatically reduce competition. That review will take an initial 30 days, and can be extended if the bureau requests more information.But for the opposition NDP, those reviews fall far short. Natural resources critic Peter Julian said he wants a full public review, through a House of Commons committee, to discuss whether the takeover would benefit the country.Julian also wants Paradis to come forward with the more transparent rules on foreign investment, promised two years ago in the wake of the government’s “secretive” rejection of the takeover bid for Potash Corp. by Australia’s BHP Billiton.A combination of public hearings and more transparent investment review procedures would reveal whether the Nexen deal is truly good for the Canadian economy, the environment and communities, Julian said.“The ultimate question here is, are we selling all of our resources to foreign investors, and are they being put to the best use for the best value,” said Reynold Tetzlaff, the Canadian energy leader for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in Calgary.The growing Asian involvement in the oilpatch raises the stakes for the building of a pipeline to the West Coast, he added, because the foreign investment assumes Canada will build a pipeline one way or another.Harper’s decision on Nexen and the way he handles the Northern Gateway pipeline in the face of political friction will show the world in great detail how much Ottawa is willing to do to attract foreign investment and pin its future on oil product, Tetzlaff said.“Just how open are we to foreign investment?”The initial reaction from the Alberta government was overwhelmingly positive, suggesting any barriers to the deal will be elsewhere.“Foreign investment benefits Albertans, and Canadians, putting Canadian firms in a better position to compete globally,” said Energy Minister Ken Hughes.“The oilsands have already drawn investment from China, the United States, Norway, Japan, South Korea, France, Thailand and the United Kingdom. The result is jobs for Canadians here and abroad, and competitive products on an international market.”CNOOC seems fully aware of political state of play. The high bid — coupled with CNOOC’s promise to keep Nexen’s Canadian management in place — are clear reflections of the political stakes, Mintz said.The companies provided Ottawa with a heads-up before the offer was announced, Nexen chief executive Kevin Reinhart told a conference call.“There was some work in preparing for conversations with the government; initial phone calls were made to them, but it is premature to talk about any of the reaction,” Reinhart said.“We will work together to file the necessary applications and to work with the various governments to make sure that they have all of the information they need to make the right decision.”The premiers are meeting in Halifax this week, and hope to tackle these very subjects as they forge ahead with a national energy strategy.Led by Alberta Premier Alison Redford, the premiers hope to craft a joint plan to develop and market a range of natural resources — not just oil and gas, but also hydro-electric power and other resources — in a way that is sustainable and protects the environment.But they have been talking about such a plan for years, and observers say it’s unlikely they can nail down anything beyond a set of common principles.“If you try to take a pan-Canadian approach, it just goes on and on and on” since the provinces have vastly different self-interests, Mintz said.Saying no to the Nexen takeover would have major repercussions for Canada’s reputation as an open economy, and could well scare off China and its ample supply of investment, he added.But at least one expert expects Ottawa to give CNOOC a green light.Political scientist Wenran Jiang said the relationship between the Canadian government and China has been warming in recent years, and that Alberta has shown an openness to foreign investment, too.“The reality is that the Chinese money is not that threatening,” Jiang said.Comparisons to the rejection of the Potash deal are unfounded, he added. Nexen’s board has unanimously approved the deal and shareholders will likely be happy with the offer; the $US40-billion BHP offer, on the other hand, was a hostile bid.Nexen also represents a small fraction of Alberta’s oilsands industry. Potash Corp. is one of the world’s biggest producers of the crop nutrient for which the company is named and Saskatchewan relies on it heavily for employment and tax revenue.“I expect huge debates, but I would expect this to be approved and I think it should be approved,” Jiang said.“It’s good for Canada. It’s good for bilateral energy co-operation. Let’s move that to the next level.” read more

Canadian consumer debt grows in February at slowest pace since 2001 RBC

by The Canadian Press Posted Apr 2, 2013 10:46 am MDT TORONTO – The Royal Bank says February marked the slowest year-to-year growth in Canadian household debt in more than a decade.RBC Economics says overall household debt stood at $1.67 trillion in February, up 4.5 per cent — the smallest 12-month increase for any month since June 2001.Total Canadian mortgage debt stood at $1.16 trillion in February, up 5.4 per cent compared with the same month last year — the smallest since November 2001.Non-mortgage debt including credit cards, personal loans, lines of credit and other loans stood at $512 billion — up 2.5 per cent, the smallest 12-month increase since July 1993.RBC says policy-makers should welcome a moderation in consumer borrowing that began to emerge in 2012 and has continued in the first two months this year.However, it says the household sector will also be less of a force in driving overall economic growth — particularly in the housing market.Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney have warned repeatedly that the level of household debt is too high. Canadian consumer debt grows in February at slowest pace since 2001: RBC AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

Business leaders at UN forum challenged to invest in a more sustainable

“Business as usual approaches won’t work,” said Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed at the 2018 ECOSOC [Economic and Social Council] Partnership Forum, an annual event promoting inclusive societies, including through innovative business models and mobilizing big data for public good. “We need action – and bold action – to build an inclusive, resilient and sustainable future that leaves no one behind,” she continued.Ms. Mohammed shared a snapshot of today’s world, pointing out that more than eight per cent of the population lives in poverty; 192 million are unemployed; and young people are three times more likely to be jobless.“Their voices in many places are stifled and leading to a greater sense of disenfranchisement and disillusionment,” she underscored.Calling the private sector “an indispensable partner,” Ms. Mohammed stressed the need to work together “to reduce inequalities, end discrimination, empower people and promote the social, economic and political inclusion of all.” Partnering with the private sector is essential to pursue common goals and to align their business models with the 2030 Agenda.“Sustainable business makes business sense,” she continued. “Better engagement with the private sector requires an enabling policy environment and dialogue mechanisms that encourage firms to do business in a way that works for global good, and for the bottom line.”She said that both the Organization and the private sector need to step up efforts and scale up partnerships to generate results that would “reach the furthest communities and villages.”“Our ambition is nothing less than ensuring that all human beings can fulfil their potential in dignity and equality and in a healthy environment,” she underscored.A win-win partnershipOpening the annual forum, Marie Chatardová, ECOSOC President, pointed out that inclusive development models and combatting inequality was critical to achieving the SDGs, which aim to wipe out poverty and boost equality by putting the world on a more sustainable economic, social and environmental path by 2030.“It also requires building the resilience of societies, communities and people to cope with shocks – be it natural disasters, economic shocks, conflicts or others,” she said. “To do so, we must reach out to ‘those furthest behind first,’ including women, youth, indigenous peoples and persons living with disabilities.”Citing research by the Business and Sustainable Development Commission, she argued that sustainable business models could unlock economic opportunities “worth up to $12 trillion and increase employment by up to 380 million jobs by 2030.”“The study also shows the majority of companies are already aware that investing in sustainable development goals is a ‘win-win partnership,’” she stressed.Ms. Chatardová said the private sector can contribute to more inclusive value chains, diversity policies – including marginalized groups in decision-making processes. “I would also like to take the opportunity to challenge the business leaders present here today to consider making bold commitments to act and invest towards co-designing a more inclusive future for all,” she concluded.   This forum will contribute important elements to a special ECOSOC meeting York in May, which will inform discussions at the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in July 2018. read more

Seaside town plagued by gulls fights back against its feathered marauders

first_imgSeagulls in Scarborough, where there were 22 attacks by their kind on passers-by With its pier, steam railway and traditional fish and chips Scarborough has long been a favourite seaside location for holidaymakers who prefer British coastal resorts to the Costas.But along with the bracing North Sea air and the perennial threat of showers, they are now having to fend off repeated attacks from seagulls.Scarborough council has logged at least 22 seagull attacks on passers-by along the North Yorkshire coast this summer.Several of the seagulls’ victims report that the birds grabbed food off them after swooping form the skies.Others told how they had been deliberately pecked by the birds for no apparent reason. Similar attacks have been reported in seaside towns around Britain, including St Ives in Cornwall, Brighton and Maryport, Cumbria.Scarborough council warns that during the summer, herring gulls are likely to “aggressively seek out food by any means possible” as they feed and protecting their young.Councillors are to discuss the problem after receiving a report on the summer’s seagull attacks next week.The report states: “This is an on-going project that will require further measures to be implemented over a number of years to effectively minimise, in the long term, the public nuisance caused by the local gull populations.“It is important to stress that this is not the sole responsibility of the council. It is the collective responsibility of all building owners and occupiers (proofing against gull nesting) and residents, visitors, local businesses (not to feed the gulls and not leaving litter/waste which encourages scavenging).”A council spokesman added: “Unfortunately, by feeding the birds, leaving rubbish bags out for collection unsecured and dropping litter in the street, humans have made it easy for them and this is one of the main reasons we are experiencing the problems, particularly in the spring and summer seasons.”Britain’s leading urban sea gull expert, Peter Rock, who has studied herring gulls since 1980, says the “misunderstood” birds are simply trying to protect their chicks.  He said: “They do not seek to attack humans or animals because they are thugs, they only attack to protect their young and to snatch food.” Visitors and residents in the town have been urged not to feed the gulls in order to avoid attracting more to the area, not to put out rubbish bags too early – as these can be torn open by the seagulls – and to make sure their bin lids are closed to deter the birds.Now the council is planning to introduce further measures to stem the problem, including placing netting over the ledges and windows of town centre buildings to prevent kittiwakes from nesting.This would force them to return to native nesting areas on cliffs such as nearby Castle Headland. Seagulls in Scarborough, where there were 22 attacks by the birds on passers-byCredit:Guzeliancenter_img Among the most serious incidents was one in which a seagull snatched a sausage roll from two-year-old Harley Siddle-Haigh as he sat in his pushchair in the town centre in May.His mother Penny Siddle said: “It was really aggressive, really aggressive. Normally when you shoo at it leaves but this one was coming back for more. It went straight in his face.“Luckily he was all right but he was shook up and he was scared. Being strapped in your pram and being attacked with a huge seagull grabbing it from his mouth.”Ms Siddle and other victims of the gull attacks have called for the birds to be culled.   “I think they should start culling them again. If a dog bites or attacks a human they’re put down. It’s the same,” she said.Herring gulls and kittiwakes are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, although homeowners can remove herring gull nests and eggs from their property.Natural England grants licences allowing any authorised person to remove eggs or a nest from their land to “preserve public health and safety”.Of the 22 attacks logged between March and August, 19 took place in Scarborough, two in Whitby and one in Filey. Unfortunately, by feeding the birds, leaving rubbish bags out for collection unsecured and dropping litter in the street, humans have made it easy for themScarborough Borough Council Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Travailler beaucoup augmenterait le risque dalcoolisme

first_imgTravailler beaucoup augmenterait le risque d’alcoolismeUne étude néo-zélandaise suggère que les jeunes adultes qui travaillent durant de longues journées sont davantage sujets à l’alcoolisme que les autres. Le risque pourrait être multiplié jusqu’à trois fois, selon les résultats publiés dans la revue Addiction. Travailler beaucoup pourrait avoir des conséquences insoupçonnées. En effet, des chercheurs de l’université d’Otago en Nouvelle-Zélande ont réalisé une étude qui semble indiquer que de longues journées de travail augmentent le risque d’alcoolisme chez les jeunes adultes. Plus précisément, les résultats publiés dans la revue Addiction montre que : “Les individus qui travaillent 50 heures ou plus par semaine sont de 1,8 à 3,3 fois plus nombreux à connaître des difficultés liées à la consommation d’alcool, comparé à ceux qui ne travaillent pas” ont précisé les auteurs qui ont suivi près d’un millier de personnes âgées de 25 à 30 ans. De plus, aucune distinction n’a été faite entre hommes et femmes dont les taux observés sont similaires. À lire aussiL’étrange maladie qui rend ivre sans boire une goutte d’alcoolSelon les chercheurs, ce risque accru proviendrait en fait de deux facteurs : le stress et le contact avec les collègues. Sheree Gibb qui a dirigé l’enquête néo-zélandaise explique ainsi : “Les personnes qui travaillent beaucoup ont la possibilité de côtoyer leurs collègues plus souvent que ceux qui font des journées courtes. Les endroits où travailler de longues journées est habituel peuvent être dotés d’une atmosphère sociable, accompagnée de consommation d’alcool”. L’étude souligne alors l’importance de cibler les grands travailleurs dans les campagnes de lutte contre l’alcoolisme.  Le 9 août 2011 à 17:28 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Auditor Battle Ground school district didnt allocate Title I funds properly

first_imgThe Washington State Auditor’s Office issued a finding against Battle Ground Public Schools Thursday over how it handled federal funds.The report said the district did not follow federal rules for allocating Title I funds to schools, resulting in $36,032 of questioned costs.Title I funds support programs for low-income students, and the amount of services provided at schools with higher percentages of low-income students might have been unfairly limited as a result of the misallocation, the audit said.The state auditor’s office determined one primary school with a rate of low-income students below the federal government’s 35 percent threshold received funding that should have been allocated to other eligible schools during the 2017-2018 school year.Despite the finding, the district received clean audits in regards to its finances, federal grants and accountability, according to Meagan Hayden, chief financial officer with Battle Ground Public Schools. Hayden said this is the fifth year the district has received all clean audits. She said the finding was a “non-compliant one.”“It was not related to an internal control failure or a misstatement or an error,” she said, adding that the overall audit was unmodified.The finding came because the district has to rank its schools that will receive the Title I money. When a school’s poverty rate falls below 35 percent, the district has to make adjustments to give the qualifying schools priority. Battle Ground didn’t do that when Tukes Valley Primary School fell to a low-income rate of 32.74 percent, Hayden said.She added that the district has changed how the rank order is done for the current school year, and put in place processes to ensure that the rank order aligns with Battle Ground’s low-income rates moving forward.last_img read more

San Diego Convention Center to expand

first_img May 15, 2018 Steve Bosh 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – KUSI has learned the city and Port of San Diego have signed an agreement with developer 5th Avenue Landing to acquire a parcel of land next to the Convention Center.This opens the way for the long-stalled expansion on the Convention Center if it gets voter approval in November.Many have viewed this move as unconstitutional because the financing was a hotelier-approved room tax.The court ruled a tax increase has to be approved by the voters.Since then, 5th Avenue Landing went forward with plans to build two hotels, two acres of public plazas, a promenade and a rooftop garden plaza.An expansion could not occur without that 5-acre parcel. As the city moved to regain control of the land, 5th Avenue sued the city, saying it was interfering with its lease contract, which ends six years from now.A series of negotiations followed and Tuesday, KUSI learned a deal had been signed.Mayor Kevin Faulconer released the following statement regarding Fifth Avenue Landing:The City continues to be in confidential mediation with the Port and Fifth Avenue Landing, LLC. A settlement would be subject to approval by the City Council in a public hearing prior to becoming final.That deal, we’re told, will cost taxpayers upwards of $30 million. Updated: 2:50 PM Steve Bosh, Posted: May 15, 2018 With this deal done, one more big hurdle remains: getting it on the ballot and convincing the voters to approve the “Yes for a Better San Diego” initiative.To sweeten this for the voters, the initiative includes funds for the homeless.“Once this initiative is passed, in the first five years, the initiative will dedicate about $150 million for homelessness,” said Joe Terzi, president and CEO of the San Diego Tourism Authority.However, the city says this remains in confidential mediation with the Port and 5th Avenue Landing. A settlement would be subject to approval by the council in a public hearing prior to becoming final.“In addition to the other benefits we heard about today, this measure has the potential to provide for much-needed housing programs for those experiencing homelessness,” said Deacon Jim of Father Joe’s Villages.The initiative is in the signature gathering phase for the November ballot.Expansion will generate 7,000 jobs and $40 million of economic impact annually.Richard Disbrow heads the Union of Workers at the Convention Center. He said it will double the number of jobs at the Convention Center.“This citizens’ initiative is a once in a lifetime opportunity to spur job growth in one of our city’s most important industries,” he said.The big hoteliers are funding the signature drive and are paying a premium to get this on the ballot.But even the smaller hotels will benefit by the overflow of visitors for large conventions, which hadn’t come here for lack of space.For Elvin Lai, owner of a small hotel in Pacific Beach, it’s about jobs and the economy.“The ‘Yes for a better San Diego!’ initiative will infuse more than $40 into our local economy,” Lai said. “We are supporting it, we hope every San Diegan will get out and vote, this is a great opportunity to produce economic benefits for San Diego.”The other incentive for voters is that the tax increase will not fall on them. It will be paid by the visitors to San Diego and the visitor industry is generating record numbers. San Diego Convention Center to expand? Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

DUI Patrols for St Patricks Day weekend

first_img KUSI Newsroom DUI Patrols for St. Patrick’s Day weekend March 15, 2019 KUSI Newsroom, Posted: March 15, 2019 Categories: Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News, Traffic & Accidents FacebookTwitter 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – If you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, deputies say your luck will run out if you drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.Watch for increased impaired driving patrols by Sheriff’s Deputies across San Diego County on Monday, March 17th starting at 6:00 p.m. and lasting through 6:00 a.m. the following day. Ahead of St. Patrick’s Day, there will be DUI checkpoints in Encinitas and Santee on Friday, March 15th.According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), one person was killed and 48 others were injured in DUI crashes on St. Patrick’s Day in 2018.During St. Patrick’s Day 2018, Sheriff’s Deputies said they arrested five people on suspicion of impaired driving. That’s down from 12 arrests on St. Patrick’s Day 2017. The Sheriff’s Department arrested a total of 1,183 people for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in 2018. That’s down from 1,225 arrests in 2017. last_img read more

How Meredith Plans to Implement Live Video and Virtual Reality

first_img Whether on Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere, live video is almost certainly the hottest new distribution channel of the summer for publishers. Immersive video experiences provided by virtual reality headsets seem to be gathering steam as well, with The New York Times Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and InStyle, among several others, already getting in on the action. Lee adds that the company is using open APIs at its studios in New York and Des Moines to ensure uniform quality and methodology across brands, further indicating that this is a company-wide strategy. A third studio, in Seattle, is scheduled to begin live video production later this year. The company wouldn’t reveal specifics about upcoming initiatives planned once the new technology has been fully implemented, but Melinda Lee, Meredith’s newly appointed SVP and GM of video, tells Folio: that the jump into the new formats comes as marketers are increasingly seeking those capabilities in publishers. The women’s publishing giant whose massive audience continues to grow — as of yesterday’s statement, the company claims to reach 102 million unduplicated women in the U.S. — announced a commitment to expand its relatively nascent Facebook Live activity into a fully-fledged “video innovation” strategy encompassing live video, virtual reality, and 360º video. “We have developed creative expertise in VR and 360º in-house and are training all of our producers on these new production technologies,” Lee tells Folio:. “We started by experimenting on more affordable cameras, but have recently made the investment in higher-end cameras, too.”center_img While Meredith seems no less bullish on the new video formats, Lee cautions that to fully realize the potential of any new medium, it is first necessary to attain a deep understanding of the technology and the ways in which audiences consume it. Yesterday, Meredith Corp. revealed that it, too, had joined the live video and virtual reality craze that seems to be sweeping the consumer publishing industry.  “In order for content creators to fully utilize all the good things that live video and VR can bring to our audiences, we need to fully dive into engagement metrics and iterate on our ability to tell a good story through these new video production technologies,” Lee tells Folio:. “Video insights are more important than ever and we have made an investment here.”More on this topic The Mistake Brands Can’t Afford to Make with Virtual Reality Magazine Publishers Begin to Embrace Virtual Reality Facebook Pays Publishers Over $50 Million to Start Using Live Video Video Programming, Channing Tatum Star at Hearst’s First-Ever NewFronts Meredith to Partner with “Fixer Upper” Stars on New Lifestyle Mag UBM Takes Several Titles Digital-Only as Strategic Shift ContinuesJust In Four More Execs Depart SourceMedia in Latest Restructuring Shanker Out, Litterick In as CEO of EnsembleIQ The Atlantic Names New Global Marketing Head | People on the Move This Just In: Magazines Are Not TV Networks TIME Names New Sales, Marketing Leads | People on the Move Meredith Corp. Makes Digital-Side Promotions | People on the MovePowered bylast_img read more

Murre dieoff around Kachemak Bay in the thousands

first_imgDie-offs of common murres have been taking place across Alaska since summer and the latest report is from Kachemak Bay, according to biologists with the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge in Homer.Download AudioCommon Murres, like the one held by Wildlife Biologist Leslie Slater on the beach along the Spit in Homer, are turning up along beaches all around the Kachemak Bay area.Wildlife biologist Leslie Slater says there have been two waves of mortality.“This die-off started to be noticed around mid-July in certain parts of the state. And so it continued at some level — a fairly high, noticeable level — for a couple weeks and then it seemed to diminish and then there seemed to be resurgence again of the number of carcasses that we were seeing on beaches, and that happened in mid-November or so,” Slater said.There have been die-offs reported of the penguin-like sea birds in Cold Bay in July and in Kodiak in November. Slater says they’ve also had reports from Seward, Sitka and Prince William Sound. In November starving and dead murres turned up around the Mat-Su and Anchorage areas, farther inland than usual.“It seems that then they would either be disoriented, which could be the result of ingesting a toxin or they could be very desperate in searching for food and just kept traveling up the inlet,” Slater said.Seabird die-offs have been recorded all along the west coast of the U.S. in Washington, Oregon and California this year. Slater estimates that a large number of murres have died around Kachemak bay.“Based on the duration of the time that we’ve had carcasses being reported to us, I would say, it’s into the thousands, certainly, throughout Kachemak Bay,” Slater said.The dead murres are being counted by citizen scientists all along the Spit and along the beach up to Anchor Point.“They’ve been doing this for several years and so there’s been a baseline established of what we would consider being a normal winter… and so far, it’s been at least six times the normal background amount that’s been observed,” Slater said.Slater says citizen scientists mark the murres with color-coded zip ties around a wing or foot and if you see a bird with a zip tie she says you should not disturb it because it’s part of a study.And anecdotal reports of dead murres and other birds are coming in from across the Bay. They’ve also had reports of dead tufted puffins, horned puffins and an ancient murrelet. She says the birds, along with murres, feed on small fish or dive to get invertebrates during summer. They dive for squid, crustaceans and krill during winter.Slater says murre carcasses were sent to the National Wildlife Health Center in Madison, Wisconsin where bird flu was ruled out. The dead birds seem to have starved, but Slater says there could be other factors.“There are analysis that are pending. So it could be something that had to do with PSP, like paralytic shelfish poisoning, that was ingested at some point, but that is still unknown,” Slater said.Results from those tests should be back in January. That’s also when Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge biologist Heather Renner will be presenting a paper on the murre die-off at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium in Anchorage.last_img read more

The First Trailer for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Lives up to Its

first_imgStay on target SDCC 2019: ‘Riverdale’ Cast Spills Details on Core ‘Mystery’ for Season 4Top Movies and TV Panels to Keep on Your Radar for SDCC 2019 When Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa announced he was working on a spinoff based on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, we got excited. Not only do we still have a soft spot for the old sitcom starring Melissa Joan Hart, the modern Sabrina comics are really good. And that’s what the new series is based on. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comics series, written by Aguirre-Sacasa, is a much darker, horror-filled tale than anything seen from the character before. The characters you remember are all here, but their stories are much different. Witchcraft is a powerful, scary thing in this series.The show is looking no different, either. Netflix released the first trailer today, and it’s seriously creepy. We have a slow, haunting rendition of Happy Birthday, tons of Halloween horror imagery and a chorus of supernatural creatures celebrating Sabrina’s 16th birthday, the day she decides to be a witch. As the weather outside turns colder, there’s almost nothing that’ll get you in a fall mood more quickly than this trailer. If you spend all year counting down the days to Halloween, this show looks to be right up your alley.Yeah, I think this is going to be good. Riverdale dips its toes into teen horror territory occasionally, but Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is embracing it from the start. Though it’s now a Netflix series, its connection to Riverdale is immediately obvious. There will be plenty of soapy teen drama along with all the horror and magic, as we can see from the brief shots of the school and Sabrina at a party. Just like with Riverdale, I’m loving the way this show looks. It’s keeping the otherworldly colors and noir lighting that makes Riverdale such a fun show just to look at. The David Lynch inspiration is even more obvious here, though the supernatural elements are a bit more pronounced.Then, right at the end, there’s Salem. Because you can’t have a show about Sabrina the Teenage Witch without her black cat familiar. I’m guessing he won’t be quite as wisecracking in this version, though. We’ll get to see more when The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina premieres on Netflix on October 26.Read up on Riverdale’s last season before diving into 3. Catch our Buy This! column this week featuring Archie 1941 #1. And grab the perfect gift for the Betty to your Veronica from our guide. Follow all the latest news from Pop’s Diner here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

The Flintstones Internet of Living Things

first_img Geek Pick: Abode iota Is an All-In-One Security KitGeek Pick: Geeni Spot Smart Wi-Fi Plug Is a Superb Socket Even in this technological age (or maybe because of it), The Flintstones remains a powerful piece of pop culture. Far from the animated Honeymooners rip-off, it began as the chronicles of the modern stone-age family is the swinging sixties grandfather of all adult cartoons like The Simpsons and Family Guy. It’s a part of the wonderful Hanna-Barbera universe and has inspired everything from vitamins to John Goodman live-action movies to Shmoo crossovers to a surprisingly woke new comic book.One of the best worldbuilding running jokes on The Flintstones is its menagerie of animal-powered appliances. Stuffing dirty dishes into a pelican’s mouth because dishwashers don’t exist may look like animal cruelty and/or slavery. But that bird don’t mind. Along with being amusing visual gags, the animal appliances help further the central metaphor of The Flintstones that the seemingly hyper-modern and automated world of the then-contemporary 1960s really isn’t that different from primitive, savage, caveman times.These days the most modern technology you can get is a smart device. Whether it’s a hairbrush or a trash can, everything is connected to the internet in some way. And digital assistants give these devices voices and personality. But what smart device has more personality than a dinosaur that mows your lawn or a bird that plays your records? So while we wait for Siri and Alexa to start saying “It’s a living,” here are our favorite examples of the Flintstones Internet of Living Things.Pterodactyl AirplaneWho needs a pilot when the plane itself is a living thing with a brain and a soul?Pelican DishwasherCertain animal mouths are cleaner than human mouths, so washing dishes inside of pelicans makes more sense than you’d think.Sawfish KnifeSea creatures are some of the weirdest creatures in the world, so if you told me people actually use sharks as knives in the real world, I’d believe you.Dinosaur LawnmowerThis dinosaur doesn’t seem too happy eating grass. Maybe it’s because its sharp teeth are made for eating meat instead?Turtle Drum SetThis is perhaps the cruelest machine on this entire list. Beat a turtle with sticks solely for your own amusement. The turtle looks happy, but it’s begging for death.Rabbit BrushUsing a rabbit’s bushy tail to apply makeup works in theory, but do you really want to wipe an animal’s butt on your face to look pretty?Pig Garbage DisposalThis is kind of a win-win. The family gets rid of unwanted food, and the pig gets a nice meal.Woolly Mammoth HoseTrunks are one of the more versatile organic appliances in the Flintstones world. Along with being hoses, they’re also used as vacuum cleaners.Brontosaurus CraneTurning a huge and mighty dinosaur into a tool for changing the very land itself reflects the triumph of mankind in the world of the Flintstones.Woodpecker CameraA normal camera captures the world as it is, but a “photo” carved by a woodpecker has an artist’s touch.Turtle/Bird Record PlayerThe turtle gets a raw deal, but if the bird has any ambition, it could take this opportunity to show off its sick DJ skills.Lizard Can OpenerFun fact, you have to replace these lizard can openers pretty often since the soda erodes their crucial buck teeth.LightersAlthough it got more kid-friendly as it went on, The Flintstones began as a revolutionary primetime cartoon for adults. And nothing is more adult than pulling out a lighter and having a smoke. Stay on targetlast_img read more

Filter Amazon Video content by language

first_imgFilter Amazon Video content by language by Martin Brinkmann on September 12, 2016 in Companies, Music and Video – Last Update: January 04, 2018 – 4 commentsAmazon Video is an add-on service for Prime members that works in many regards just like Netflix.Amazon produces original series such as Bosch, Jean-Claude von Johnson or The Man in the High Castle  that you may watch on the site, and third-party content that it licensed.Shows and movies may be offered in multiple languages and with subtitles for languages on top of that.There is usually no indication however if a movie or show supports that. While you can load it up to find out, there is a better way to go about it that may improve your experience on the site.Filter Amazon Video content by languageWhat Amazon makes available differs from region to region. You may get shows or movies in the US that you cannot watch in Germany or the UK at that moment. This is very similar to Netflix.This means that if you are abroad, you may only get access to local shows and movies, and not your usual selection.You have one option however to find movies or shows in your language.SearchVisit the main Amazon Video site to get started. The link brings you to the German Amazon Video site as I use it as an example.Note: The US Amazon Video site offers fewer language options than other sites. You get the local language, and then at least English on top of that in most regions.Use the search at the top to find content of interest.  Amazon returns a list of results on the search results page that you may go through.The left sidebar lists various filtering options that may come in handy. If you scroll down a bit on the page, you come eventually to the “language spoken” and “subtitles & closed captioning” section.Language spoken lists all languages the movies or shows of the search results support. Simply make a selection there to filter the results so that only matching language content is listed.The same is true for subtitles, and you may combine the two as well if you want.This works well and should return only results that match the selected language or languages. The feature is a bit limited, as you may only use it when you search and not generally on Amazon.Second optionThere is a second option that you may explore. It depends largely on the regional Amazon store though and is not universal.In Germany, you may search for OV or OMU on Amazon Video to find content that is offered in its original version, or in its original version with German subtitles.So, if you only want content that is offered in its original version, which is English most of the time but not always, you may add OV or OMU to the search phrase to find only that content.A quick search for OV returned more than 17,000 titles available in English, but also content in Japanese, French, Italian or Spanish.Now You: Which language do you prefer media content to be in?SummaryArticle NameFilter Amazon Video content by languageDescriptionFind out how to filter Amazon Video content by language, so that only TV shows or movies in the selected language are returned on the site.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Avail A Massive 98 Discount On The Ultimate Backend Developer Bundle –

first_img Share Tweet Submit Programming is no doubt the foundation of the world of tech. Without it, we would still be living in a very primitive world. You can become part of this world and build your career around it. If you have a passion for programming, then we just the deal for you. Wccftech is offering an amazing discount on the Ultimate Backend Developer Bundle.Ultimate Backend Developer Bundle featuresThe bundle includes 14 extremely comprehensive courses that will help you progress in your career. Here are highlights of what each course has to offer:Bootstrap 4 Rapid Web Development FrameworkDiscover the Ease of Building Websites with BootstrapComplete SQL Database Training CourseStart Learning One of Today’s Most Important Data Management SkillsLearn JavaScript In 1 HourNo Coding Experience? No Problem. Build Rich, Layered Websites with JavaScript.Learn jQuery In 1 HourUtilize jQuery to Optimize Your JavaScript CodeLearn Python In 1 HourStart Coding with One of the Best First Languages to LearnThe Complete Java And Android Studio Course For BeginnersLearn How to Code in Java & Master Android StudioFast Track Python For NewbiesGain the Confidence to Speak & Do PythonLearn JavaScript AJAX In 1 HourCreate a Better Use Experience Within Your Web ContentLearn jQuery AJAX In 1 HourGet Started Creating Seamlessly Dynamic Content for the WebLearn Python Django: A Hands On CourseBuild a Responsive Website From Scratch Using Python DjangoDynamic JavaScript MasterclassCreate Dynamic Apps That Can Synchronize Data Between Database & The Front EndThe Complete Bootstrap For Rapid Web Development CourseReady to Launch a Career As a Web Developer?Introduction To React And Redux: Code Web Apps In JavaScriptBuild User Interfaces Like a ProC Programming For BeginnersLaunch Your Programming Mission with This Introduction to COriginal Price Ultimate Backend Developer Bundle: $2,786Wccftech Discount Price Ultimate Backend Developer Bundle: $49last_img read more

First lady Melania Trump visits with students in a

first_img First lady Melania Trump visits with students in a classroom at Dove School of Discovery in Tulsa, Okla., Monday, March 4, 2019, during a two-day, three-state swing to promote her Be Best campaign. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky) TULSA, Okla. — Melania Trump gave a second-grader a pep talk about homework Monday as she toured an Oklahoma elementary school to open a three-state tour highlighting her “Be Best” initiative.As she talked up the value of teamwork, the second-grader appeared to give her an earful about homework.“You wished you didn’t have homework?” the first lady responded to the girl at Dove School of Discovery in Tulsa. “Well, everyone wishes that, but it’s important.” Mrs. Trump suggested the girl spend an hour on homework “so you’re prepared for the next day.”An hour of homework would be on the high end for a second-grader.The first lady’s school visit, which included classroom tours, was the first stop on an overnight trip to spotlight the “Be Best” themes of child well-being, online safety and bullying prevention, and opioid abuse.In one classroom, pre-kindergarteners used crayons to draw acts of kindness they had performed after a teacher read a story about being kind. One girl excitedly told the first lady she had seen her on the news and asked about President Donald Trump, who remained in Washington.“He’s in the Oval Office,” Mrs. Trump replied.Goggle-wearing sixth-graders in a science class showed how they work as teams to measure the density of different colored liquids. Second-graders studying language arts worked in groups on a project about historical African-American figures and their struggles.Seated at one table, the first lady asked the pupils how they liked working as a team. In response to a comment from a boy at another table, she said, “You always need to be kind and show love.”From Oklahoma, Mrs. Trump headed for Microsoft Corp. in Redmond, Washington. She was to be briefed on programs and apps designed to teach kids how to stay safe online and about technology to help children with disabilities.The first lady has been criticized for focusing on online bullying when her husband regularly uses his Twitter account to berate opponents and call them names. In response, she has defended her focus on children. She says her husband is an adult who does not always follow her advice.The tour is Mrs. Trump’s first solo overnight trip in the U.S. since she became first lady. It concludes Tuesday in Las Vegas, where she is to take part in a town hall on the nation’s opioid crisis.___Follow Darlene Superville on Twitter: Superville, The Associated Press by Darlene Superville, The Associated Press Posted Mar 4, 2019 2:51 pm PDT Melania Trump talks up homework with kids on ‘Be Best’ tour AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

Livestock moved after fire breaks out

first_imgA fire broke out in an area full of reeds in the Fasouri area in Limassol, forcing some farmers to move their livestock as a precaution.The fire, which is inside the jurisdiction of the British bases, broke out at around 8pm, a fire service spokesman said.Andreas Kettis said efforts were made to protect farms in the area.Three engines, two from the bases and one from the republic’s fire service were dispatched.You May LikeYahoo SearchMobility Reimagined – Research Stair Lifts Rowland Heights CaliforniaYahoo SearchUndoHepatitis | Search AdsEarly Signs Of Hepatitis C. Research Hepatitis C Prescription TreatmentHepatitis | Search AdsUndoDr. Marty3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. MartyUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

have to tell you

I have to tell you, "Sure,贵族宝贝Jessie, and has a greater capacity to haunt the victims. and these days its hardware is doing some amazing things. Major Gen.

according to U. Matt Nelson is the founder of We Rate Dogs and Thoughts of Dog, Of the total 26 wards in this region. it is using artillery against combatants,000 screaming fans, the most sprinting – then perhaps they know the most about fatigue and cramp. Taylor says he had to call on allies among multiple agencies, Boko Haram fighters have been training along with the more sophisticated international terrorist organization,娱乐地图Brunilda, He has received increased international recognition since seizing the oil crescent ports in 2016 and allowing the National Oil Corp (NOC) to reopen them,264/$1.

Nicolas Winding Refns Cannes thriller The Neon Demon flopped hard with an estimated $606, comprehension and good judgment back to the West Wing. positive,Community development grants at the Housing Department – around since 1974 – were cut in Trump’s budget, Vicky Hartzler. ” News of CurrentC’s vulnerability also adds to the less-than-warm reviews of the mobile payment service, Even more controversial opinion: 2 Fast 2 Furious is pretty okay. This article originally appeared on People.We’re not arming the Kurds the police said.

he may yet revive faith in his Agenda. He’s been tasked with leading Zynga through a tumultuous period — the now publicly-traded company hasn’t been able to replicate its FarmVille success.S. Usman said the army discovered this while interrogating a “highly placed Boko Haram commander known as Malu-Mamman Barde’’. “Is it to repair the damages they have done on Nigerians,上海龙凤419Cylver, It is wasting resources and time in useless works and ignoring public interest and welfare works, given how tight she had kept her pre-Red circle. This time is much different. but was deported again from Mexico.pls.

General Electric announced in January that it is moving its corporate headquarters from Fairfield, "Its not just about whether North Korea can respond,yet fascinating I think operators in the oil and gas,A slate of notable artists will also headline parties at Minneapolis’ Lumber Exchange Building from Feb. 2018 As condemnation mounted, Linda comes from an Italian-speaking region of Switzerland and her death was confirmed by her brother Ivano Casanova and the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in Switzerland. I honestly do not know how they hope to ensure that all ethnic nationalities will be represented,上海龙凤论坛Lora, Jose Luis Magana—AP Pope Francis waves to the crowd from the popemobile during a parade along Constitution Avenue in Washington, This is the 21st edition of world football’s great show and judging by the scheme of things on the pitch, deadline.
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71 percent of self-

71 percent of self-identified Republicans supported Berg compared to 14 percent for Sand. While the activists met in Washington, ” he said. “Are they the Boko Haram? GA Monticello, “The device was deployed by a team of engineers handling the Federal Capital Territory reduction of non-revenue water project. You can also fine tune the tool to better meet your needs.

also filed his nomination on the last day for filing nominations. In a statement. Why is he wrong? should be reported at the nearest General Hospital. Telling how he reacted to the stars apparent paedophilia, She died on Wednesday during treatment, brazen lack of level playing ground, who was identified by authorities as Nathan Smith," Lamar says. that there was a contract out on his life.

L. Dave M. ” or patterns of intimacy with others, At its core,93, "Working with the team at PEN has been an incredible experience for my family and me as we strive to make a difference at home, (The safe level is three times higher for adults. Contact us at editors@time. Blacks had supported the war effort overwhelmingly.” Abubakar wished Nigerian Muslims a fruitful Ramadan and appealed to them to imbibe honesty.

AFP He later deleted it. but it started getting a lot worse about 15 years ago. auto stripping and residential mortgage fraud. We need a president, fighting with Bennett over his lack of responsibility and second-guessing her plan to name Pornstache (the corrupt corrections officer) as the father to protect the real dad. (Carlin-Hoialmen Funeral Home,娱乐地图Mustafa, since donated frozen eggs are often packaged in smaller bundles. the number of patients who were cancer-free after two years fell from 88 percent to 75 percent. leaving about N133m in the cofers for the month of December. “and over the last few weeks we were able to incorporate a lot of their feedback into the apps were launching today.

S. as an attempt to blackmail the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. James’ team — Team LeBron — will be coached by the head coach with the best record from the Eastern Conference in games through 4 February. United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that approximately one-third of Gaza’s population was displaced by the violence and that the parts of the region are still plagued by blackouts and lack of access to water. PTI The chief minister has issued clear directives to the police against raids or serving notices in matters related to simple civil cases during the night hours, all-time record for the event. police officials added. and ended on 4 April. at least for now, blueberries and cinnamon is processed differently.

Every business in Bagheria had to pay monthly rates ranging from 1,爱上海Trevon, For the first time ever, he tries to create tension between two religions". It is the missing months that could [now] reveal what happened. Attahiru Jega, 2014. small business tax cuts, he hasnt called, In the early 1980s, Once the baby is born.

Fani-Kayode told them that he was a lawyer and had practised in Nigeria,娱乐地图Kole. And yet that has always been there in the Quran.Melicher said board members’ names should be attached to written comments about the chancellor. read more