Pogba’s situation in United worsens even more

first_imgManchester United fell again yesterday (2-0), this time against an Arsenal that was as injured as they were and that with the arrival of Arteta It seems to have hopes of catching the flight. But in Old Trafford they have not changed trainer even though Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been on a long tightrope (They are fifth in the standings and the team’s game does not show solidity). He even admitted that they could sign “one or two players” in January Yesterday nobody understood the reason why he was smiling at a press conference despite the result, but what everyone said about his star caught his attention, Paul Pogba: “Your people have already warned you that you need an operation and it is probably what you do.” The French midfielder, who has been in the dry dock almost all season for an ankle injury, has re-fallen and yesterday lost his second consecutive game since his short return. The coach himself acknowledged that he will be off the pitch another four weeks approximately. The Norwegian coach dropped that it depends on his environment whether or not he passes through the operating room, insinuating that the decision does not have much to do with the club itself (even if he agrees) and further aggravating relations with the board. To that we should add that his agent, Mino Raiola, He does not do his best to help him, but tries to make the gap even bigger, who knows if he wants it out in the future (the Real Madrid It is the best placed to get their services but the growth of Fede Valverde has slowed interest): “They would even ruin Maradona, Pelé or Maldini. Paul needs a club, a team, one like Juventus was.” From the words of his representative it follows that They are already looking for an exit as the first option, because they do not seem confident that the reinforcements that may come in winter will reverse the situation of the English team.As if that were not enough, the recently removed heavy weights are not on their side. On one side is Robin van Persie, who does not quite believe that the injury is the only problem of the player: “All this is a mystery to me because there are no complete answers. Paul must ask himself if he really wants to stay or if he wants to go.” On the other side is Rio Ferdinand, who is tired of the French footballer hiding behind the Italian representative instead of facing his followers: “Let him go out and talk. You’re a man. Your voice is going to be the loudest one. Don’t let your agent talk and shut him up. If you talk and shed some light on the situation, your hobby, your teammates, your club and your coach will know how you are. “His injury is lengthened, his coach points to his surroundings, his agent blames the team while talking about an exit and the former players turn their backs while the midfielder does not go out to explain what happens to him. The situation is getting more complicated for the Manchester United star (his balance this season is eight games and zero goals) and it seems clear that his destiny is increasingly far from the English club. 6 Premier League* Data updated as of January 2, 2020last_img read more

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Episode 7 Recap A Brief Future of

first_imgStay on target The Search for Spock is over, but we won’t be getting a Voyage Home anytime soon. After wrapping things up on Kaminar lst week, Burnham takes some personal leave that’s sure to be anything but relaxing. She flies to Vulcan to question her mother about Spock. At this point, Amanda must know something, and Burnham knows she’d do anything to protect her son. That includes hiding his whereabouts from her husband. Burnham arrives on Vulcan and sees Sarek deep in meditation. He’s using an ancient Vulcan practice once believed to call lost souls home. Even with Vulcans’ telepathic abilities, that’s pushing the boundaries of logic. Sarek must be getting desperate.Burnham’s known Amanda long enough at this point to know when she’s lying, though. And she’s clearly hiding something. Turns out she’s hiding a whole-ass Spock in a cave that blocks telepathic energy. That’s why Sarek was having so much trouble finding him. Amanda’s worried if she takes him to a hospital, he’ll be tried for murders he didn’t commit. She has a point too. All of Starfleet’s looking for Spock, and outside of Amanda, Pike and Burnham, nobody has Spock’s best interests in mind. Spock’s in bad shape too. He’s rambling incoherently, carving the red angel into the wall, and writing a strange series of numbers. Amanda says she’s tried plugging them into everything (coordinates, command codes, etc.) and can’t figure out what they mean.Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham; Mia Kirshner as Amanda–Photo Cr: Michael Gibson/CBSThis episode isn’t really interested in solving the mystery of Spock’s condition just yet. It’s mostly setup for the big reveals that are sure to come next week. We get a scene of family drama in which Burnham begs Amanda to let her get Spock medical help. She worries he’ll suffer permanent brain damage if left in this state. Sarek shows up too, having guessed why he’s having so much trouble reaching his son. Honestly, after last week’s fantastic, action-packed episode full of wonder and moral quandaries, this is kind of a step down. It’s a family squabble, and one that we know doesn’t make much of a difference.Things get slightly more interesting after Sarek insists Spock be taken to Section 31 so they can figure out just what’s  going on with him. The Vulcans may be logical beings, but instinct apparently isn’t their strong suit. Burnham goes along with it despite her suspicions that it’s all a terrible idea. Those suspicions grow worse when Section 31’s commander encourages her to go on ahead without Spock, leaving them in the care of their doctors. She reluctantly does until Georgiou stops her. Despite coming from the Mirror Universe, Georgiou still has some love for Burnham. Of course, she does have an ulterior motive. By letting Burnham know that Section 31 is going to use a damaging memory extractor on Spock, and allowing Burnham to overpower her and rescue him, Georgiou is making a power play. It makes her captain look bad. Somehow, Mirror Universe tactics are even scarier and more insidious when they play by Starfleet’s rules.Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham; Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou–Photo Cr: Michael Gibson/CBSBurnham figures out that the numbers Spock was writing out were backwards. She puts them into the computer and finds out they’re coordinates leading to Talos IV. That name will be instantly familiar to any Star Trek fan. It’s the very first place the Enterprise visited in the original series. Captain Pike was taken prisoner by big-brained aliens in the unaired pilot, “The Cage.” (Later, the episode was re-purposed into the two-parter “The Menagerie.”) Why is Spock taking them there? (And has Pike been there yet in this continuity?) Again, we’ll find out next week. This story was only here to get us to this point. I’m still excited to see where this goes, but the transitional nature of this subplot made it hard to care about Burnham and Spock’s journey just yet.The real story of the episode concerned the Discovery’s investigation of a time anomaly that appeared after the Red Angel showed up on Kaminar last week. Since Saru got a good clear look at the thing for the first time, we now know that the angel is actually a futuristic exo-suit. They investigate the anomaly to learn when and where the thing is coming from. Pike sends himself out on a mission to fly into the anomaly, and Ash Tyler comes along as Section 31’s ambassador. Any information Pike learns, Section 31 needs to know about as well. You can basically see how this story will play out from moment one. Pike doesn’t trust Tyler because of, you know, the murder. Over the course of the episode, Tyler will learn he still has to follow a captain’s orders, and Pike will learn Tyler can be trusted at least a little. We’ve seen this play out many times before.Mary Wiseman as Tilly; Anthony Rapp–Cr: Michael Gibson/CBSIt still makes for an exciting episode, even if, like the Burnham’s plot, it’s main job is to set up rest of the season arc. Pike’s ship gets pulled into the anomaly, and he has to explode some fuel in hopes of sending a signal to the discovery. Stamets, using his insane math skills and tardigrade DNA, is able to pinpoint the location of the ship in space and time, and beam aboard from 10 minutes in the future to steer it back into view. There, he finds that the probe they initially sent into the anomaly has been outfitted with futuristic tech, and is attacking the ship. In addition to trying to kill Tyler and Pike, it’s scanning the ship’s data for… something. Stamets is able to instruct Tilly to beam them out just after setting the ship to self destruct, taking out the probe.There was plenty of action to be had, and yes, much of the episode was fun and exciting. That made up for the fact that there wasn’t much discovery this time around. We didn’t learn anything new, we only got the promise that we would in the future. The concept of time growing out of sync could have made for an interesting, mind-bendy episode, but all we got were a couple rewind special effects and a generic ship in peril plot. It was still fun to watch, but it’s always frustrating when we can see the better episode it could have been. Again the serialized nature of the show holds back its more interesting stories. To get to what we really want to see, the show feels it has to have transitional episodes like this. You can pump them full of as much action as you want, we still see a serious difference in story pacing when compared to, say, last week’s excellent Kaminar episode.It wouldn’t work as well if what was promised wasn’t so intriguing on its own. The Discovery realizes they have to assume that since someone from the future re-outfitted their drone to attack them, they can’t assume the Red Angel (from the same time) is benevolent either. They at least have to prepare for the possibility that it could be hostile. If I know my Star Trek, the truth is going to be much more complicated than that. At least, it should be. It’ll be interesting to watch play out either way. Looking back on the episodes, we’ve only seen the Red Angel actually save people twice. It’s definitely preparing the universe for something. Right now, there’s no telling what. Also, the future-probe’s search patter did something to Airiam. Hopefully we find out what soon. Airiam has largely been in the background until now, so I’m excited about the prospect of an episode where we learn more about her.Star Trek: Discovery streams Thursdays at 8:30 on CBS All Access.Previously on Star Trek: DiscoveryStar Trek: Discovery Season 2, Episode 6 RecapStar Trek: Discovery Season 2, Episode 4 RecapStar Trek: Discovery Season 2, Episode 3 Recap ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ S2 Finale Recap: When No One Has Gone Before’Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2, Ep 13 Recap: Tearful Preparations last_img read more