Club bosses happy with new U-13 selection process

first_img SOME IMPROVEMENT “We want them to qualify much like the seniors … this year, we had eight teams from the parishes and it’s an improvement, but it’s not there yet,” Jureidini added. Speid believes they can win this and other international youth tournaments, like the Under-15 Cayman Airways International Youth Cup, which both clubs are currently participating in. “I participated in the Cayman Under-15 and won. We didn’t get proper representation the two years Harbour View went (CONCACAF Under-13). They weren’t good enough. If the best team had gone they would have done much better,” he added. Meanwhile Jureidini says getting up to standard and competing consistently should be the objective. “Winning these tournaments is irrelevant. While winning is good, it is not the most important thing. It’s proper development, proper exposure and doing the right thing,” he said. Since its inception three years ago, the CONCACAF Under-13 Champions League has generated a great deal of interest among local clubs, but most have been unhappy with the process used to select representatives for the tournament. The staging of a qualifying tournament this year to select the country’s representatives has been hailed as a massive improvement by Harbour View’s general manager Clyde Jureidini and Cavalier’s technical director Rudolph Speid, but both insist that it still needs improving. Cavalier won the KSAFA Under-13 title in 2014 and 2015 and Speid was unhappy that Harbour View got the CONCACAF nod both years, but he’s now pleased that an attempt is being made to select the best team. “I was winning the league and they never chose my team. Now they have a play-off. But before, they just chose Harbour View for two years … and Harbour View came last and I won,” he said. “But it’s better … at least they chose eight teams … this process is really an upgrade,” he added.. Jurideini also welcomes the new format. He, however, was quick to explain his club got the first two invitations. “The two years we were selected randomly, they wanted teams or combination of teams that have done well historically or were doing well, but neither process is perfect,” he explained. However, discussions with participating clubs and local interests led to the implementation of a qualifying tournament.last_img read more

Project Manager takes Govt to court over wrongful termination of contract

first_img…after giving up US$100,000 a year job in USAfter giving up work that paid over US$100,000 annually to return to Guyana and give back to his homeland through his expertise, a project manager is fighting back against what he calls the wrongful termination of his contract by the Government of Guyana.Rudolph Small, who is taking the Government to court to claim millions in lost salaries and benefits, contended that he was contracted by the Public Health Ministry as the Director of Projects within the Ministry on January 31, 2017.Small has a Master’s of Science in Environmental Health, Degrees in Biology and Nursing and Post-Graduate Diplomas in Legal Nursing Consultancy and Project Management. As of 2016, he was working with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as a Field Medical Coordinator and earning US$131,000 a year ($27.4 million).Former Attorney General Anil NandlallAccording to his statement of claim, which was filed by his lawyer, former Attorney General Anil Nandlall, he was informed by his acquaintance, Finance Minister Winston Jordan, of the need for someone to administer an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) project worth $1.6 billion in funding for maternal and child health improvements to Guyana’s hospitals.Having been informed in 2016, Small stated in his claim that he began discussions with authorities in Guyana and was interviewed by an IDB panel and offered the position, which he took at the expense of his job in the US. According to Small, his position as Director of Projects came with a monthly salary of US$5,000 ($1 Million).“In addition to the IDB project, Small’s help was requested in other areas. According to the claim, Small “was invited to the Office of the Minister of Health in January, 2017, and was requested to help the Ministry of Health to prepare a project document for a proposed mental health complex, that was being put up for funding by the Islamic Development Bank. The Ministry of Public Health was behind with its submission and required the Claimant’s expertise to expedite the process”.The claim goes on to state that, “the Claimant was also requested to assist with the health project slated for funding by the Indian Government, as well as, the Islamic Development Bank Project. Given ever expanding work assignments, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, Mr Trevor Thomas, Executive Director of the Health Sector Development Unit (HSDU), Dr Morris Edwards and the Claimant, commenced meeting to formulate a new structure for the HSDU. Consequently, the Claimant was assigned as the Director of Projects. The Claimant’s contract was negotiated with Minister George Norton after approval and concurrence was received from Minister Volda Lawrence”.DownhillAccording to the claim, things started going downhill for Small with the dismissal of PS Thomas in March 2017. Thomas was dismissed after a Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into procurement at the Public Health Ministry.Small contended that he was assured after Thomas’ dismissal that he would keep his job. That assurance, according to the claim, came from the new PS Collette Abrams. But suddenly, he was informed he could no longer be paid since Thomas did not have the authority to issue the contract.<<<“By a letter dated 7th of June, 2017, Ms. Collette Adams, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, wrongfully and in repudiatory breach of the said agreement, purported to terminate the Claimant’s employment and wrongfully dismissed the Claimant,” the claim stated.In the letter, Small is also reminded that he has to refund payments made for the rental of a building. According to the letter, he is yet to honour this request. The letter also stated that recommendations were received from the Department of Public Service.According to Small, he suffered total damages of US$208,500 ($41.8 million). He noted that had he stayed with his job in the US instead of returning to Guyana to work for the Government, he would have been paid US$125,760 for 2017 and 2018 and US$139,620 for this year.Small is claiming damages in excess of $25 million for breach of contract, special damages of US$208,500, aggravated damages, interests and costs. Attorney General Basil Williams has been named as the defendant.last_img read more

New Sachin range of cricket gear to hit stores by October

first_imgLondon, Jul 12 (PTI) Batting legend Sachin Tendulkar today announced a new innings of his life by joining a team that will create a brand new range of cricketing gear to hit the market from October 1. The Master Blaster joined Australia-headquartered Spartan International as an investor and member of the advisory board to provide his unique expertise to enhance the safety of helmets, gloves and leg guards among other sporting gear. “In the second innings of my life, as I call it, post-retirement this is one opportunity where I am not looking at it from a business point of view but it is the passion which has taken the front seat. I want to do something for the next generations, where they are protected,” he told reporters here today. Still limping following his recent knee surgery, the 43-year-old joked about his “new walk”, adding: “A few years ago I was on the other side of the fence. Now I am part of Team Spartan, where I am determined and motivated to give something back to the sport which has given me everything in life. The safety of any individual is important and that is our prime focus. The journey has just begun for a great partnership.” On a personal note, he pointed to breaking his fingers on a number of occasions during fielding and batting and indicated a brand new idea that he has hit upon for better cricketing gloves. “That is all part and parcel of the game but something I would want to share with Team Spartan would be my experience of 25 years of international cricket and what are the areas where we can continue getting better.I feel equipment is an extension of your body. A cricket bat is an extension of your arm. Gloves is something important ? we have had a fantastic idea which will be unveiled soon, it will be unique? something which protects the fingers,” he said. The iconic Indian batsman also made specific reference to the importance of having more “solid helmets” to prevent future injuries and “keep up our pace and press the pedal as hard as possible to meet all the expectations”. “Todays players and sportsmen are expecting the equipment to get better and there is a lot of competition in the field of sports goods manufacturing and lot of innovation. So it is important to be ahead of the competition,” Tendulkar said. Spartan International dates back to 1953 when it was founded in Jalandhar as a football manufacturer. Today it claims to be an “innovative product developer” across a broad range of sports including cricket, all football disciplines, netball, basketball and a range of health & fitness products, including shoes and apparel, which are distributed around the world including India. More PTI AK AH AHadvertisementlast_img read more

Fire in coach at New Delhi rly station major tragedy averted

first_imgNew Delhi: A major tragedy was averted as a massive fire broke out in the rear power car of the Chandigarh-Kochuvalli Express full of passengers as it was departing the New Delhi station on Friday afternoon.It resulted in chaos as the flames soon went out of control and the train was to be brought to an immediate halt at the platform. Fire brigade teams rushed to the spot while the passengers got down the train as a safety precaution. The fire brigade was immediately called and as a many as 12 fire tenders rushed to New Delhi railway station immediately. The fire department also had a tough time extinguishing the flames. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murder”Fire was in the break, luggage cum generator car of the train. At around 2:50 pm, the fire was doused off and the cooling process was started,” said Atul Thakur, Chief fire officer. An inquiry would be conducted to find the cause of fire. Fortunately, no passenger was injured in the incident. The fire broke out in the rear power car of the 12218 Chandigarh-Kochuvalli Express around 1:40 pm. The incident occurred when the train was leaving platform number eight. The Northern Railway General Manager and other senior officials also rushed to the site along with the railway police station. Officers had a hard time controlling the crowd of onlookers who gathered at the platform or stood at the railway bridge witnessing and filming the incident. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsRailway Minister Piyush Goyal took to Twitter and said, “An incident of fire has been reported from the power car of Chandigarh-Kochuvalli Express. The fire department team has doused the flames. Senior railway officials are at the incident site. No one has been injured in the incident.” The Chandigarh-Kochuvalli Express was sent to Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station where the power car was replaced and then the train left for its onward journey.last_img read more

Plunged into trust deficit

first_imgOur political experts argue that the Indian National Congress is in a fix and moving along a beaten track in pursuit of a panacea to the organisational problems which will not help the party to come back to the centre stage as an alternative to the ruling dispensation. They lament that the party is facing unprecedented problems in different fronts which require a major surgery and not cosmetic solutions to cure the ills. Congress faces severe problems in organisational restructuring, ideological repositioning, leadership and above all, trust deficit. These problems are not unique to Congress. Many of the regional political parties have been facing the same problems. Many second-level leaders in Congress and other regional parties have noticed this syndrome and started moving towards BJP to enjoy greener pastures. BJP has strategically used them to advance their political march towards the power centre. Also Read – A special kind of bondBJP understands it well that organisational strength, contextualised ideological position of the party, adoption of the most advanced technology to reach out to masses, projecting powerful leadership to communicate and convince masses, creation of a new consciousness among the people and eroding the stand of opposition parties by touching their weaknesses are factors to achieve what it envisages. BJP, in recent years, has demonstrated that it was never contended with the electoral victory. Its aim is to penetrate into masses by using success. When BJP achieves electoral victory in a state, it will consolidate its positions first and then only will it move towards the next phase or area. Conquest and consolidation is its strategy while Congress has not learnt the art and as a result, despite being in power for ten years, it could not consolidate and strengthen the party substantially. They have been continuously searching for strategies and strategists for electoral victory and not for penetrating into masses. In fact, Congress is the mother of political parties in India, just as the British parliament. It was born out of a movement drawing the support of masses, more particularly the rustic folk in the rural areas namely the farming, pastoral, craft, fishing and tribal communities. They were drawn towards the party emotionally as the leaders built trust through their moral conscience and engaged with people. Also Read – Insider threat managementOver a period of time, Congress concentrated more on the electoral processes, government formation and its management rather than public engagement. In the last 30 years, the party has absolutely moved away from its original constituents, concentrating more on electoral strategies and processes, and thereby facing a trust deficit. In the era of globalisation, the party has lost its trust as benefits of the economy reached the rich, the middlemen and managers of the party despite its pro-poor policies and programmes. Congress never bothered to see whether the chalked out schemes and programmes have reached the needy by involving the party cadres. At this juncture, BJP moved into space left by Congress and capitalised. It is not only the space left by Congress that has been used but also the values such as patriotism, nationalism, sacrifice, service, yoga, naturopathy, etc. Congress has to start its introspection by searching for its soul. A proper introspection will show where Congress failed. This exercise has to be done not with managers and middlemen of the party but with Congress-minded intellectuals and opinion-makers. They are critical of Congress as it moved away from its original constituents. They have concerns for the poor and they feel that Congress has lost support from its core constituents. Congress need not bother about the immediate electoral outcome but rather work for rejuvenating the party and build its organisational strength by contextualising the ideology. Mahatma Gandhi’s ideals can substantially guide the party if the party leadership analyses the fall of the party in the backdrop of the Gandhian ideology and framework of building a mass movement. It has full five years and hence it can reposition itself by taking up the cause of the poor and by which a new consciousness can be created that it is a neo-Congress. (The author is a former Professor and Rajiv Gandhi Chair for Panchayati Raj Studies, Gandhigram Rural Institute. The views expressed are strictly personal)last_img read more

Carmelo Anthony Helps Those Suffering from Sandy

Carmelo Anthony said he could not watch the trouble those in New York were enduring from Hurricane Sandy without doing something. So, the New York Knicks’ star forward did something.Anthony and others trekked to the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, where some residents remain without electricity and water, and handed out  boxes of food and housing supplies to those in need.“I wanted to step up to the forefront,” Anthony said to a small group of reporters on the scene. “We all know what Sandy did to our city, especially to Brooklyn, and to Red Hook, with us being right here on the water. It hit us pretty bad, so I feel like I’m the face of Red Hook and I wanted to come back and give back to the place I grew up.”In conjunction with the Carmelo Anthony Foundation, Feed the Children and Metro Ministries, Anthony delivered 500 boxes filled with food and cleaning supplies to a housing project on Columbia Avenue, a block away from where he lived as a child in Red Hook.Some residents of the surrounding projects say they have been without electricity or heat since the storm hit last Sunday.“Sometimes it feels like we’re the forgotten borough, the forgotten neighborhood,” said Red Hook resident Vanessa Bernard, who has been without power since last Sunday. “This is uplifting. Some families don’t have much at all, and it’s really difficult. Anything helps, and to do this is uplifting.”“We just wanted to provide a temporary relief,” Justice Anthony, Carmelo’s brother, said.Carmelo Anthony said it was a “no-brainer” to help.“I’m one of them, I was once one of them,” he said. “I grew up running around with a lot of the older guys as a little kid, so for me to come back and to help and give out house supplies and things like that, that’s the least I can do, especially at a time like this.” read more

Geno Smith Wins 1st NFL Start For Jets in

Photo by all the rumblings in New York that Geno Smith was a disaster and totally ill-prepared to lead an NFL team–the rookie quarterback made a nice account of himself in the Jets’ season-opener, a stunning 18-17 last-second victory over Tampa Bay.Smith, who opened training camp in competition with incumbent and now-injured starter Mark Sanchez, went 24-for-38 for 256 yards, with a touchdown, an interception and a fumble. He also had 47 yards rushing and set up the game-winning field goal by drawing a personal foul penalty in the waning seconds.Down by two with just seconds left, Smith scrambled for 10 yards before running out of bounds. However, the Buccaneers’ Levonte David pushed him when he clearly was out of bounds, drawing the 15-yard penalty, setting up Nick Folk’s 48-yard field goal with two seconds left.“I’m never going to panic,” Smith said afterward. “It’s a game, it’s something that I’ve been playing my entire life, I’ve been in that situation plenty of times.”Not exactly. This was his first NFL game. In New York. And after a preseason effort that, when he was healthy, did not inspire confidence.“We knew that he’s a much better quarterback than he showed in that one preseason game when he was hobbling around,” Jets’ coach Rex Ryan said, referring to Smith’s three-interception performance against the Giants. “I think where he really helped us, he ran, he made some big plays running.”Smith was much better and his poise shone through. “I love playing with a team like this,” Smith said, “because you don’t have to go out there and try to be Superman.”It was not a super play that saved the day for the Jets, but it was one that Ryan said Smith made happen.“No question,” Ryan said. “They had everybody back in coverage, they were deep down the field. At the time we knew we needed to make a play and he did. He stepped up, presence of mind, he was running like crazy and got out of bounds.”“I just go out there and I told those guys ‘it’s never over,’ ” Smith said. “I was on the sideline talking to Kellen (Winslow Jr.) and we were going over situations. Talked with Willie Colon and telling those guys just, ‘Hey, give me some extra protection and we’ll find a way,’ and that’s what we did.” read more

Shuddle the Ridesharing Service for Kiddos and Grandparents Raises 10 Million

first_img Listen Now Problem Solvers with Jason Feifer 2 min read Soccer practice for one kiddo. Band practice for the other. The dentist for you. The physician for your mom, who can’t drive herself.Wednesdays can feel like a finely tuned game of Jenga — which is exactly the appeal of family-focused ridesharing startup Shuddle. The San Francisco-based company, specifically designed to chauffeur children, announced today that it has raised $9.6 million in its Series A round. In total, Shuddle has raised $12 million so far.Related: Busy Parents: Meet Shuddle, the Uber for Kids“Nearly every parent struggles with getting their kid(s) from point A to point B because they often need to be in two places at once. Shuddle solves this problem,” said Steve Schlafman, Principal at RRE Ventures, the VC house that led the deal, in the statement announcing the funding raise.That may be true. But hoisting your children and grandparents into the car of a stranger is a tall ask with a lot of potential pitfalls.To address concerns, Shuddle has specifically tailored insurance for its drivers to be able to carry minors. Also, drivers have to pass a stringent verification and screening process.The startup launched in San Francisco and is currently operating within the Bay area and has 200 female drivers as part of its network. Shuddle CEO Nick Allen was a co-founder of the Uber and Lyft ridesharing competitor Sidecar.Related: Secrets to Being Both an Executive and a Momcenter_img Hear from business owners and CEOs who went through a crippling business problem and came out the other side bigger and stronger. March 18, 2015last_img read more

New images and an opening date for MSC Cruises Ocean Cay private

first_imgTags: Caribbean, MSC Cruises, Ocean Cay Wednesday, January 16, 2019 Share << Previous PostNext Post >> FORT LAUDERDALE — MSC Cruises’ Ocean Cay will welcome its first guests on Nov. 9, 2019, according to the cruise line.Officially known as Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, the island is surrounded by 64 square miles of protected waters, and a coral nursery is being established to encourage and sustain the growth of new coral, says the cruise line.MSC is currently transforming a former industrial sand extraction site for its marine reserve and private island destination, and plans are underway for a marine laboratory to be situated on Ocean Cay for researching climate change-resistant coral.“Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve will bring something new and unique to our Caribbean itineraries from Miami and is set to become a truly memorable highlight for our guests,” says MSC Cruises CEO Gianni Onorato. “We have created a guest experience that complements the breathtaking natural beauty of this remarkable part of the Caribbean. There was no need for us to build extensively on an island that already had the ingredients of a natural paradise. However, we have undertaken extensive work to clean-up the island, removing tons of historic industrial waste and helping to return the beaches, and the entire 64 square miles of protected waters surrounding the island, to their pristine state.”Onorato adds: “For the guest services on the island we have kept it authentic and designed an experience that will allow guests to simply enjoy nature at its best. The ship is an integral part of the experience as we have built a pier so that guests can go easily back and forth between the ship throughout the day making full use of both the ashore and onboard facilities.”Here are the highlights:More news:  Marriott Int’l announces 5 new all-inclusive resorts in D.R. & MexicoSUN, SAND, SEA & SKYWith over two miles of white sandy beach shore formed from the world’s best aragonite sand, guests will be spoiled for choice with seven distinct beach areas, each with their own allure and character, says MSC.Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve features 7 beaches for guestsSun beds will be available on all beaches, and some beaches will offer cabanas that can be rented for the day. The Great Lagoon’s shallow crystal-clear water is ideal for protected swimming and water sports, while the smaller family lagoon is designed for younger guests to enjoy, offering very shallow, calm water and plenty of games. At over half a mile long, the Great Bimini Beach is the largest stretch of beach on the island, as well as the place to go to enjoy a variety of water sports.DISCOVER AND EXPLORE WITH EXCURSIONSMSC says its Ocean Cay excursions will allow visitors to explore, discover, relax and enjoy nature’s beauty at its best: “Discover the waters around the island through snorkel safaris, kayak tours and paddle boarding. The Family Explorer club will also offer fun activities for the entire family.”Ocean Cay guests will also be able to privately rent a smaller island close to the main body of land for the day, which will include: a private boat that will take the group to the island and remain at their disposal; and a marquee, sun beds and loungers and food and drinks. Near the island is an old shipwreck, making it a perfect spot for snorkelling.Swimming and water sports at the Great LagoonGuests can also participate in a wide range of entertainment activities including sports games and tournaments, dance lessons as well activities for the entire family.More news:  AMResorts has a new Sr. Dir. of Cdn. Sales & Consortia Rel’nsAnd here’s a bonus: ships can remain in port into the evening, allowing for a range of evening experiences.DRINKS & DININGMSC says that as part of the commitment to ensure that the island is sustainable and to minimize waste, there will be a select number of dining options on Ocean Cay. The ship will also be fully operational while docked at the island, and the furthest point from the ship is only a 20-minute walk, or there will be an electric carts service available to transport guests around the island. There will be buffet dining plus food carts including a taco truck, conch fitter truck and more. The trucks will be stationary during the day around the beaches and will move to the Marina area at night creating an atmospheric food festival-style feel.Food and beverage services will be offered at an additional cost with upgrades available to the beverage package, says MSC. As the ship is easily accessible guests are able to walk on and off at their leisure, allowing them to also be able to freely dine on board as they choose.Bar options are set to include an authentic Bahamian bar and a Lighthouse Bar. There will also be an Ice Cream Parlour and Coffee Bar.SHOPPING & SPAAcross four distinct shopping areas, MSC passengers will have the opportunity to take home unique and special souvenirs or find vacation essentials that they may need. For those guests looking to relax and rejuvenate on the island, there will be services provided by the aw MSC Aurea Spa will have a selection of relaxing body and facial treatments.center_img Posted by Travelweek Group New images and an opening date for MSC Cruises’ Ocean Cay private islandlast_img read more