Lobotka tightens the rope waiting for an agreement

first_imgThey look like condemned to understand each other, but Celtic and the Naples have not yet closed the transfer of Stanislav Lobotka. Although the Vigués club he has downor its initial claims, still demands 25 million euros and for the moment Naples has been planted in 18 ‘kilos’ plus bonus. While his future is decided in the offices, the Slovak midfielder tension the rope to go to Serie A. In addition to seeing his salary increased by more than double, to Lobotka also seduces him go to Naples to to play this campaign the round of 16 of the Champions League against Barcelona.In Italy they point to N’Zonzi as a replacementThe economic injection that the Celta perceives for the international with Slovakia will finance the hiring requesteds by Oscar for this market. Although Lobotka was indisputable until this day for the Catalan coach, his substitute It will not be the star signing of the Vigués club this month. The priority is to become property with a level end, a partner of guarantees for Iago Aspas, while the option of an assignment until June is contemplated for the core. From Italy, the journalist Ciro Venerato affirms that Celta has been interested in the pivot situation Steven N’Zonzi. The world champion with France, and with past in Sevilla, is on loan for Rome in the Galatasaray, but the Istanbul club wants to cancel the loan. The Olympique de Lyon also intends it. The soccer player himself asked Óscar García don’t play sunday against Osasuna. With this decision, agreed with its FairSport representation agency, Lobotka seeks press Celtic Y avoid injury that frustrates his signing by the entity of San Paolo.center_img To the directive chaired by Carlos Mouriño the last amount that Naples has offered not satisfied, since not all the money will go to their coffers. The Danish Nordsjælland a percentage of a future sale when he transferred the pivot by 5 million to Celta. It corresponds to him 25% of surplus value. That is, if the operation were closed at 18 kilos, the benefit for the Vigués club would be 9.75 million.last_img read more

The most mediocre Barça outside

first_imgThe Barça already gave clues than I expected this year in the first working day. His lack of attention in the last minutes in San Mamés condemned him before the Athletic. The same as in the first minutes before the Pomegranate in Los Cármenes. Nor was he able to endure a favorable result in Orriols before Levante and, although he did not lose, he left six key points in Pamplona, ​​San Sebastián and Cornellà. The three matches finished 2-2 And they had a similar movie. Barça started losing, turned the game around and then He let himself be tied. It is another of the great problems of Barça since the beginning of the season. his physical level It has not allowed him to maintain the intensity for 90 minutes. Hard think that Barça can compete LaLiga crawling as he has been doing all season out of home. Of the 55 points that has added, just 18 he has got them as a visitor Only its imposing streak at the Camp Nou, in which he has won 12 matches and only drew against him Madrid, allows you to stay on the run. But its lack of competitiveness away from home makes it very difficult to think that this League can compete. Meanwhile he Madrid only he has lost two games throughout the championship, Barça has dropped in five. Outside the home, Real Madrid (25), Sevilla (23) and Getafe (21) have added more points than the Barça, which has only added one more point that Royal Society (17), and two more than Villarreal and Atlético away from Camp Nou. If it were only for the away matches, Barça would be fighting for not fall to post of Europa League. His goal balance is surprisingly weak and negative. 18-19. Pure mediocrity. Barça has only won a comfortable match out of home (0-3 to Eibar). Then he had bad times in Getafe (0-2) and suffered from the beauty to go back in Leganés (1-2) and take the game in the last minutes in the Metropolitan (0-1) and the Villamarín (2-3).Admitting that Barça loses one of every three games they are playing away from home, the prospects from here to the end of the season they are scary. Those of Setién still have to play at the home of Mallorca (March 15), Seville (April 5), Celta (April 22), Villarreal (May 3), Valladolid (May 13) and Alavés (May 24 ).last_img read more

Sense communicated from Madrid to fire Goyo Benito

first_img“Real Madrid C. F., its president and its Board of Directors deeply regret the death of Goyo Benito, one of the great legends of our club. On the morning of Thursday, April 2, the death of Gregorio Benito, the legendary defender of Real Madrid, was announced. The defender managed to win six leagues and five cups in the 420 games he played with the white club. He died 73 years old.The merengue group, after learning the news, released a meaningful statement to express his condolences to the footballer’s family, to highlight his great career at the club and to dedicate his last goodbye to the defender. These were the words of the Bernabéu club: Real Madrid C. F. wants to express its condolences and its affection and affection to his wife, Paula, his children, Patricia and Rubén, and to all his relatives and loved ones, condolences that he extends to Madrid fans around the world.Goyo Benito was always an example of the values ​​of our club. He wore the Real Madrid shirt for thirteen seasons. During all this time, since his formation in the Real Madrid quarry, he conquered 6 Leagues and 5 Cups of Spain. It belonged to the generation of footballers who took over from Real Madrid yeyé. He played 420 official matches with Real Madrid and went international with Spain 22 times.Real Madrid has been at his side at all times in his fight against the disease he suffered from for more than a decade.Today, Madrid is mourning in memory of one of the greatest defenses in our history. “last_img read more

Attempted murder charge dismissed against Maryann Daby

first_imgMaryann DabyBusinesswoman Maryann Daby was on Thursday freed by Magistrate Leron Daly on an attempted murder charge following the conclusion of a Preliminary Inquiry (PI) at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.The businesswoman, who was accused of attempting to kill a Police officer by pointing a gun to his head and pulling the trigger, had the matter against her dismissed.The Magistrate, in her dismissal, stated that the Prosecutor’s case was not credible because of the conflicting evidence given by Superintendent Gary McAllister, Police Constable John Holder and the victim, Christopher Kissoon.The Magistrate told the Court that Constable Holder, while being under oath, gave conflicting statements that were not a true reflection of what transpired on the day in question.She further stated that Holder testified that he did not see Daby discharging the firearm, nor was he able to identify the person. Further, Holder told the Court that Superintendent McAllister ordered him to change his statement to make it sync with that of his colleague.The Magistrate indicted that Kissoon, the victim, failed to positively identify Daby and that, in his statement, he had said he heard what appeared to be gunshots but there were no spent shells recovered on the scene and no video evidence to support his claims.Magistrate Daly told the Court that McAllister, who presented evidence into the matter, provided an evidence bag containing a .32 pistol with six magazines but during his second Court appearance, the gun and the ammunition were not the same, hence, she rejected his evidence.Police Prosecutor Richard Harris, stood right after the hearing before the Magistrate and asked that the unlawful possession of firearm and ammunition charges be transferred to another Court because the presiding Court’s mind has already been prejudiced.The businesswoman will make her next Court appearance on July 30, 2019 in relation to the possession of firearm and ammunition. Throughout the trial, Daby was represented by Attorney-at-Law Mark Waldron.Twenty-five-year old Daby of Lot 127 D’Aguiar Park, Houston, Georgetown was charged for discharging a loaded firearm on May 13, 2018 with the intent to commit murder.She was also charged for having .32 pistol and six live rounds of ammunition in her possession when she was not the holder of a firearm license. She denied the latter two charges after they were read to her.According to reports, on the day in question, Daby and her friends were at the Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club when Constable Kissoon, who was off-duty, heard what appeared to be gunshots going off.After investigating the source of the gunfire, he allegedly saw Daby firing rounds into the air and as such, he confronted her.It was during the confrontation Daby allegedly became annoyed and pointed a firearm to his head and pulled the trigger; however, there were no more rounds in the gun.last_img read more

Horst’s skates and skills sharp entering Saint Paul

first_imgThe event will be running for three days, with the festivities beginning Thursday afternoon, the elimination rounds being held Friday, and the finals being raced Saturday evening.He will get his first taste of the American track Friday, when athletes are allowed their practice runs, as well as compete in the new team event. Individual races will be held Saturday.Following the first event of the series, Horst sits fourth in the world standings, sitting with 500 points earned from Niagara Falls. The local firefighter says he is still training down at Fort St. John’s MC Rehab, a routine he began this year and feels is providing him the necessary tools to succeed at the races.”Training has been really good. We kind of took what we learned from the things that happened in Niagara Falls, kind of changed up our training program a bit, and I think we’ve got it a pretty good level right now where we are going to advance quite well.”Horst also set up a mini, homemade Crashed Ice course out on Charlie Lake, something he says serves more than just one purpose.”For me it’s a training tool, but we’ve always talked about ways to train for Crashed Ice, and there really isn’t any. You do everything on flat ice and work out in the gym, and hope you can adapt to the track as fast as you can. By building a track it just gives you that one-up for being more prepared and I think it’s going to help me.”Advertisement He jokingly adds, “I told everybody that half the reason I built it was also for my critics,” as many of his friend have doubted the difficulty of the sport.Races will be held in Saint Paul for the second straight year, on a track that Red Bull claims to be one of the toughest in the world-wide series. The track will also keep previously successful athletes humble, as a number of changes have been made to this year’s twisting and turning ice track.Horst says he’s familiar with the track, and says it’s designed to favour his skill set.”Overall to me this one [track] looks like it has a lot of skating in it, and that favours guys like myself. But it is technical, which is fine, as long as you get the chance to get your speed going and there should be enough room to make up for mistakes as well.”Horst departs to Saint Paul for the second leg of the Crashed Ice series this Thursday, something he says he’s excited for, but wouldn’t be able to do without the help of his local sponsor, Kalmar Construction, who help pay for the ever growing travel expenses that come along with travelling around the world for competition.Advertisementcenter_img Horst is coming off a fourth place finish at the Crashed Ice opening event, raced in Niagara Falls, Ontario, where he raced his way to the finals, only to stumble out of the gate in his final race.Horst says that he felt he wasn’t as comfortable on the track as he needed to be.”Niagara Falls went okay. First race of the year, so it took me a lot longer to get comfortable on the track than I had planned on. It just seemed like it was one of those tracks that was hard to find a rhythm in, and it took me until basically the night before I could get a good feel for it, so I wasn’t that confident going in, but slowly got the hang of it. I ended up finishing fourth in the race, which wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for but it’s a good start to the season.”- Advertisement -He says that because of the level of competition, he knew as soon as he felt himself falling he’d be playing catch-up throughout the final race.Despite the fall, Horst feels he’s taken some positive with him from Ontario into Minnesota.”For me, Niagara Falls was a good stepping stone. I was pretty confident coming out of it. I know I had the speed to win, it was just a little bit of bad luck. I didn’t really have the best feel for the track and I think that if I can get to Saint Paul and get a good feel, then there is a good chance I can get on top.”Advertisementlast_img read more

Green Leader in Fort St. John Tonight

first_imgProvincial leader, Jane Sterk, will join Peace River North Green Party candidate Liz Logan at the opening of her Fort St. John campaign office this evening.The open house is scheduled from 5 to 8 pm at the old Fort Motors Building.The Green Party leader is already on record with a campaign promise, to scrap the RCMP E-division contract, which covers BC and, set up a new province wide Provincial Police Service.- Advertisement -Meantime, NDP leader Carole James is promising to root out corruption in government, arguing the Liberal’s sale of BC Rail to CN Rail was tainted.She also claims Liberal insider Patrick Kinsella is again working on the government’s election campaign, despite allegations of his questionable role in the sale… [asset|aid=1234|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=fb68529f52470614105411acf1198e21-James-1_5_Pub.mp3]She says if elected the New Democrats will hold a public inquiry into the transaction, after the court trial related to the sale is over.Advertisementlast_img read more

Province wants your thoughts as it looks to beef up distracted driving laws

first_img“What’s fair, what will stop this high risk behaviour? How do we increase public awareness?” said Anton.“I compare it to seat belts. When seat belt legislation came in, not everybody was compliant.”Last fall, the province increased the driver’s license penalty points to three for using hand-held devices for driving, but is now considering following Ontario’s lead and boosting penalties significantly.Ontario is now taking steps to double its penalty to $1,000, although the Minister has said in the past that penalty is too steep.Advertisement Distracted drivers have the attention of the B.C. government again and it’s ready to hear what the general public has to say about them.Justice Minister Suzanne Anton believes people aren’t getting the message about the dangers of distracted driving, noting it is still a major cause of road carnage.“Over the next four weeks, we want to hear from British Columbians. Tell us, are our distracted driving laws tough enough?” Anton said.- Advertisement -Fewer people now die on B.C. roads as the result of drunk driving than distracted driving, which has become the second leading cause of death on BC roads. Distracted driving is now associated with 88 fatalities a year.The government is considering raising penalties and is looking for public input with the launch of the four-week consultation.At $167, the B.C. fine is the second lowest in the country and it pales in comparison to the maximum in Nova Scotia of $579.Advertisement “People may say the fines should be something enormous,” she said.“We have to be reasonable in what the fine needs to be.”A B.C. website has been set up to collect the feedback until July 16, and the public will also be able to have a say on whether people caught texting should face even stiffer penalties than those caught talking on hand-held devices.To give your input, visit http://engage.gov.bc.ca/distracteddriving.last_img read more

Exam opposition disservice to kids

first_imgThose with an agenda of “social change” rejoiced over the judge’s decision to toss out exit exams, but it was a pyrrhic victory at best. Students unable to answer eighth- or 10th-grade questions about math and English, but granted a diploma anyway, would have enabled even more failure and frustration among semi-literate youths. Much uncertainty remains in the wake of the Supreme Court’s somewhat vague ruling to restore exit exams. But what’s certain is that those opposed to such testing will continue to push for “different” standards for poor and minority students. Such efforts will come at the detriment of the very communities they claim to represent. Joe R. Hicks is vice president of Community Advocates, Inc.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORE11 theater productions to see in Southern California this week, Dec. 27-Jan. 2This is not an argument against the reform of our public education system and its entrenched bureaucracy. But the view that some students’ failure to pass a simple test of basic knowledge is the fault of “The System” implies that students are passive recipients in a process for which they have no responsibility. They do. Their parents do, too. Those truly concerned with the plight of urban youth should take note that the initial results of the statewide exit exams had just 54 percent of black students and 61 percent of Latino students passing the math portion of the test, while 62 percent of black and Latino students passed the English portion. But 91 percent of Asians and 87 percent of whites passed the math portion, and performed at roughly this same level in English. Once again, the racial learning gap that follows black and Latino students from kindergarten to college classrooms has reared its ugly head. How does passing out meaningless diplomas to underachieving students help close this gap? It is obvious that a kid graduating from the 12th grade, but functioning at an eighth-grade level, is a recipe for disaster. Today’s world of work is a highly competitive environment that will foment frustration and resentment among those unable to keep pace with the demands – especially among individuals fed a steady diet of rhetoric inferring that they are victims. And the legal ruling to kill the exit exam threatened to make employers even more aware that a high-school diploma may not necessarily mean that students have the skills to make them employable. A judge recently put the brakes on California’s High School Exit Exam, which meant that seniors who were unable to pass a minimal exit exam would be granted diplomas. But in a story that has had more twists and turns than a soap opera, California’s Supreme Court has now reinstated the exam, restoring some semblance of meaning to a high school diploma. The exit exams are hardly rigorous or demanding, yet they’ve been strongly opposed by some community activist groups and Sacramento politicians who argue that such exams unfairly punish poor and minority students. Do they? Despite claims of undue hardship, in order to pass the exam, students must only answer 60 percent of the English questions correctly along with 55 percent of the math questions. Nonetheless, community activists and left-leaning politicians have argued that students shouldn’t be punished for low-performing schools and incompetent teachers. But the allegations that our public schools are populated with lazy, uncaring or incompetent teachers and administrators is slanderous and untrue. Most educators care deeply, work hard and do their best. last_img read more

Brilliant Liverpool ease to routine victory over sorry West Ham

first_imgThis could have gone to many players including Salah and Mane but the best player on the pitch was summer signing Keita.Reds fans have had to wait for a year to see what he’s like in a Liverpool shirt and it’s safe to say he was worth the wait.Almost every positive move ran through Keita, who also played his part in Liverpool’s first goal which set them on their way.Liverpool fans marvel at Keita’s first-half performance against West HamMOMENT OF THE MATCH As many would have predicted, the Reds controlled the tempo of the game but struggled to carve out any clear-cut chances early on.However, the deadlock was broken on 19 minutes when Salah tapped home Andy Robertson’s low cross from the left after Naby Keita found space before sliding the ball to the left-back.Trent Alexander-Arnold nearly doubled their lead but his free-kick from 25 yards out was brilliantly tipped round the post by Lukasz Fabianski.West Ham needed to call on their keeper again to make a brilliant save – this time denying Salah his second from point-blank range. Mane was in fine form as he bagged two goals in the 4-0 victory possible standings smart causal Keita had a Premier League debut to remember 4 4 The Hammers struggled to cope with the likes of Salah, Mane and Keita all afternoon It was a very positive day for Liverpool but the moment of the match has to be Sturridge’s goal.He was the forgotten man of Anfield but the striker seems to have found a new lease of life in his career after a productive pre-season.Sturridge even found the net with his first touch on 88 minutes to make it 4-0 to the Reds. But Liverpool did find their second right on the stroke of half-time when James Milner did brilliantly to retrieve Robertson’s looping cross which allowed Mane to tap into an empty net.Mane bagged his second on 53 minutes when he sweeped home Roberto Firmino’s delicate pass, although replays showed the Senegal international was clearly stood in an offside position.Klopp’s men took their foot off the gas but there was still time for another goal and this came via substitute Sturridge who got on the end of a corner from the left just seconds after coming on.The result is an ideal start for Liverpool, who are under pressure to mount a serious title challenge after spending over spent over £175million this summer on new players.But this game suggests this current crop of stars have what it takes to do just that.STAR MAN 4 How the Premier League table could change after the Boxing Day fixtures Liverpool got their 2018/19 season off to a splendid start with a comfortable 4-0 victory at home to West Ham.Goals from Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane gave the Reds a commanding lead at half-time.Mane got his second and Liverpool’s third just after the break before Daniel Sturridge rounded off the win with a poacher’s goal a matter of seconds after replacing Salah as a substitute. England’s most successful clubs of the past decade, according to trophies won Which teams do the best on Boxing Day in the Premier League era?center_img NEW ERA Sturridge scored Liverpool’s fourth goal of the afternoon Tottenham v Brighton LIVE: talkSPORT commentary and team news for Boxing Day opener gameday possible xi How Arsenal could line up in Arteta’s first official game in charge – Ozil return? ALTERED Latest Premier League News silverware REVEALED 4 Every current Premier League club’s best kit from the past decade Tottenham predicted XI to face Brighton with Mourinho expected to make big changes How Chelsea could line up against Southampton – what system will Lampard play? last_img read more

NFL notes: Hamlin is in intensive care

first_img Bruschi to practice: New England linebacker Tedy Bruschi plans to return to practice Wednesday, eight months after having a mild stroke. Eagles’ McDougle has surgery: Philadelphia defensive end Jerome McDougle had emergency surgery for a hernia, a setback to his recovery from a gunshot wound in July. McDougle had been working out to make a return to the Eagles. Also: Tennessee Titans receiver Drew Bennett (UCLA) had surgery to place a pin in his dislocated left thumb, and coach Jeff Fisher said the receiver will be out at least two weeks. … Miami defensive end Jason Taylor was on crutches because of a foot injury, leaving his status for Sunday’s game against Kansas City uncertain. … Safety Michael Jameson had his contract terminated by the Cleveland Browns, one week after finishing his four-game NFL suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. … The Minnesota Vikings hired former FBI agent Dag Sohlberg as their new security director after NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue told the team to tighten its discipline following accounts of a wild boat party attended by some players. … Washington Redskins coach Joe Gibbs was fined $10,000 for comments he made about the officiating in the team’s loss at Denver on Oct. 9. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! The Seahawks’ starting free safety was involved in an altercation with two men who were not in custody, police said. Moss’ status unknown: Oakland receiver Randy Moss’ status for this week was undetermined after sustaining bruised ribs, a strained groin and a bruised pelvic area in a hard fall while trying to make a leaping catch on Sunday against San Diego. Raiders coach Norv Turner said he would know more about Moss’ status after Wednesday’s practice. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWalnut’s Malik Khouzam voted Southern California Boys Athlete of the Week Griese undergoing tests: Brian Griese underwent more tests to determine the severity of a knee injury suffered Sunday in a victory over Miami. Coach Jon Gruden emphasized that the team had not received a firm diagnosis but raised the possibility that Griese could be out for the season. Jets’ Mawae done: New York Jets center Kevin Mawae will miss the rest of the season after tearing his left triceps against Buffalo. Mawae will have surgery next week. Cardinals’ Pace out for season: Arizona Cardinals defensive end Calvin Pace is out for the season after cutting his arm while falling through a window at his home during the weekend. Pace underwent surgery at an Atlanta Hospital. Cowboys lose Adams: The Dallas Cowboys learned that left tackle Flozell Adams is out for the season with a torn knee ligament. Also, receiver Patrick Crayton is out at least a month with an ankle injury. However, it’s not broken, which is what coach Bill Parcells feared Sunday following an overtime victory against the New York Giants. center_img Seattle Seahawks safety Ken Hamlin was in serious but stable condition Monday with a fractured skull and other head injuries following a fight outside a downtown Seattle nightclub. Hamlin’s injuries included a small blood clot and bruising of the brain tissue. He was to remain in intensive care for the next day or two, team physician Stan Herring said. He said the most pressing concern whether the blood clot grows. last_img read more