Dazzling Success

first_imgOnce small farmers in the villages of Gujarat, they now harvest diamonds. And what a bumper crop it is!Almost 80 percent of the world’s polished diamonds pass through the hands of Indian merchants, some of whom are among the biggest players in the multibillion-dollar diamond business. These merchants of dreams create the sparkling diamond rings, solitaire earrings and wedding bands that initiate couples into wedded bliss; they are the ones who craft the jeweled baubles that celebrate every joyous occasion.For Indian diamond merchants, many of whom are the descendents of farmers from Palanpur and Kathiawar in Gujarat, the whole world has become their beat. The diamond-paved city of Antwerp is a second home to them, as is the bustling diamond district of New York. Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Russia, Sri Lanka and Canada are all extensions of their factories and workplaces and their glittering crafts are found in retail emporia around the world.Today, India’s total export of gem and jewelry to the United States alone stands at $6.2 billion, and Indian goods account for over two-thirds of the total volume of retail jewelry sold in the United States. In fact, the Indian company Rosy Blue is one of the largest customers for rough diamonds from the diamond giant De Beers, which controls 60 percent of the world’s supply. At least six Indian companies make up the top ten De Beers clients. Rajshekhar Parikh of Renaissance Gems: “When we came, we used to sell to Jewish wholesalers. Then we started selling to retailers and went into jewelry manufacturing.”Other major companies that have a presence on several continents apart from Rosy Blue, are Eurostar, Emby International, Vijay Diamonds, Disons Gems, Paras Diamonds, and Shivani Gems. The Lakhi Group, another major player in the industry, entered the media limelight when Dilip Kumar Lakhi became the highest individual taxpayer in India in 2003.The Lakhi family, probably the only Sindhi family among the big players, started out modestly in Jaipur as traders in precious stones and then moved into manufacturing. Today the five brothers have expanded the family business to several companies, and Prakash Lakhi heads Vishinda in New York. The Lakhi Group is one of the largest exporter of diamonds from India and has perhaps the world’s largest diamond polishing factory in Surat, with over 6,000 workers under one roof.Nor are Indian diamond merchants, a low profile crowd if ever there was one, blowing their own trumpet. The Wall Street Journal did it for them recently, noting that in Antwerp, the Indians’ share of the $26 billion-a-year diamond revenues had risen to roughly 65 percent from about 25 percent just 20 years ago. The Jewish share had fallen to 25 percent from 70 percent.Idex, the magazine of the International Diamond Exchange, published from Israel, also recently ran an article titled “India’s Dazzling Secrets.”While estimating that India produces 50 percent of the world’s polished diamond consumption by value and 80 percent by weight, the article notes that the Indian industry alone imported some 129.3 million carats of rough diamonds last year: “India has become financially probably the strongest manufacturing sector and its largest companies are among the fastest growing conglomerates in the world.” Basant Johari: “We grew up seeing diamonds and emeralds right from birth.”Indians, of course, have a very old connection with diamonds. In fact, the Museum of Natural History in New York showcased a landmark exhibition of diamonds recently, noting that the first diamonds were mined in India. The earliest known hreference to diamonds is in a Sanskrit manuscript, the Arthasastra by Kautiliya, a minister to Chandragupta of the Mauryan dynasty.Diamonds were discovered in India in the 4th century BC and except for a minor supply of diamonds in Borneo, India was the world’s only source until the 1730s. The diamond mines of Golconda were legendary, but gradually rich deposits were discovered in many other countries. Today the Majhgawan pipe near Panna is India’s only diamond producing source, and now the hot spots for mining have shifted to Australia, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Canada.Ever the innovators, Indians have taken on a new role: banking on skilled hands and eyes and enterprise, they have become the most prolific diamond polishers in the world!“The largest exporter of polished diamonds is India and Israel is second,” says Basant Johari, the president of Indian Diamond and Colorstone Association in New York. “India exports by value about 50 percent of the world’s production, and by quantity over 80 percent in carats. If you look at the number of stones, India produces ten stones out of every 11 stones.” Apart from the skill, Johari explains, there is a very big difference in the price structure of labor in India, as compared to Israel or the United States.In India, the rough diamonds come from either De Beers or traders who buy in the open market in Antwerp, and to a certain extent even from New York and other places in the world, including the Argyle Mines in Australia. So, not surprisingly, Indians have become entrenched in Antwerp, which is the hub of the diamond trade with four diamond exchanges. Prakash Lakhi of Vishinda in New York. The Lakhi group is one of the largest exporters of diamonds from India.Dilip Mehta, who is based in Antwerp, is one of the biggest players. He is the CEO of Rosy Blue, a global company that had net sales of $1.25 billion last year, with offices or factories in 14 locations employing15,000 people worldwide. It is the biggest exporter of polished diamonds from India, but its dealings have spread across continents.When this writer conducted a long interview with Mehta in Antwerp via his cell phone on a Sunday, he constantly and politely terminated other calls, but he did attend to one pressing matter. It was the demands of his little granddaughter, insisting he untie a balloon. The lines from Europe to America crackled, as things came to a halt while he patiently attended to this important task.And that somehow sums up one of the big hidden strengths of India’s diamond merchants: their strong family ties. Whether in manufacturing, buying or selling, Indian diamond merchants have a strong family support system and many willing hands.In fact, the majority of the businesses are family-owned, and certain names like Mehta, Shah, Jhaveri and Patel dominate in the diamond industry. Many of them hail from Palanpur, a small town in Gujarat, and Palanpuris initially controlled the diamond trade in India. In the late 70s and early 80s, they accounted for 85-90 percent of the Indian trade. Indians are a sizable presence on New York’s diamond district, which stretches between 5th and 6th Avenue on 47th Street.They are still the main component of the diamond industry, especially in buying and selling, but lately, Kathiawaris, hailing from Saurashtra in Gujarat, have become active in the actual cutting and polishing of diamonds, already accounting for about 30-40 percent of the Indian industry. “We grew up seeing diamonds and emeralds right from birth,” says Johari, who came to New York in the 1980s. “My father, grandfather, great grandfather were all in the same business. In India, people work also at home, so it’s like a 24-hour job.” Johari, who is a Vaishnav from Benares, recalls that his family used to do business with the royals, who sometimes bought, but mostly sold jewels, as their financial status dictated.Jivraj Bhai Surani, founder of JB Diamonds Group, is one of the prominent Kathiawari diamond dealers. The business started back in 1963, with the family actually doing the polishing. Surani, who is a past president of the Surat Diamond Association and co-convener of the Gujarat Gem and Jewelry Export Promotion, lives in Surat, but for him, as for most of the diamond merchants, New York is just a flight away.Surani’s brothers are in Antwerp and Hong Kong, and his son heads the New York office. The JB Diamond Group has factories in India, China, Thailand and Hong Kong. Says Surani, “I have three boys all in the business, but years ago my family were farmers in Bhavnagar.”As the families have spread out from India, Antwerp has become a major base: in the 70s there were just about 15 Indian families, today there are 300 families. Last year, international media attention was fixated on an Indian wedding in Antwerp. “Even by the standards of lavish Indian marriage ceremonies, the weekend double wedding of Vishal and Priya Shah, son and daughter of Vijay Shah, one of the biggest diamond dealers in the world, has set a new benchmark for opulence and innovation,” gushed The London Telegraph. “For a few days Antwerp, the world’s diamond trading center, has became a Bollywood fantasy at an estimated cost of £10 million ($18 million).”Weddings are, of course, a sacred cow in the Indian ethos where no expense is spared, but generally diamond merchants have kept a very low profile even as they’ve become a major force in the industry. Simple lifestyles, family togetherness and a vegetarian diet are their credo. Currently, Indian-origin companies control 55-60 percent of the Antwerp trade, but not all of the polishing is done in India. Indian merchants are diversifying their operations to far-flung places in South East Asia, Russia and Armenia, thus expanding their base, as the diamond industry seeks out low cost areas for manufacturing.“Indians had the flexibility and the ability, and because of their geographic situation and big families, they could put people all around the world. Their business grew much more as compared to the other communities,” says Mehta. How well do the Indians interact with the Jewish merchants in Antwerp? Says Mehta, “The diamond community is made up of all cultures; you have the Jewish community, the local Flemish people and quite a few Lebanese and the Armenians. Then you have the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese. The industry really is a melting pot of various cultures so it works very well. They all have common interests – to grow the business and prosper.”This commonality of business interests has motivated the two communities – who are both very strong on family values, hard work and religion – to learn to co-exist in the business. Jewish and Indian business organizations often honor each other’s community leaders or invite them to sit on their boards of directors. Indian merchants often donate to Jewish causes, and after the Gujarat quake took place, Jewish dealers also chipped in.According to the Wall Street Journal, the polishing costs in India are 80 percent lower than in Antwerp, and until recently the Jewish merchants polished and cut the diamonds locally. Indians also had another point in their favor, for as the Journal notes, they “also proved canny at polishing and cutting the lower-quality rough diamonds that Jewish traders typically overlooked, squeezing higher profit margins than thei Jewish competitors and pumping the profits back into their businesses.” The Journal noted: “While the Jews try to stem their decline, the Indians are demanding that their influence in the Antwerp diamond world mirror their economic might. They want better representation on Antwerp’s High Diamond Council, the powerful body that regulates the city’s diamond industry.”Amal Jhaveri, a past president of IDCA and president of sales and marketing at Sugem in New York, says: “We are competitors, but we are all working together in many different ways. We are all born businessmen, so we’re going to do business; but there is enough place in this business for everyone.”When the IDCA was formed 17 years ago, there were just 65 member companies, but today it has over 300 member companies that participate in shows in New York, Las Vegas, Tuscan (Arizona) and Orlando.As Indians have streamed into the diamond business, they have become a sizable presence on 47th street, the nerve center of New York’s bustling diamond district, stretching between 5th and 6th Avenues. In recent years, as more players have entered, the district has spilled into neighboring streets and avenues too. Amidst the hustle and bustle of retail jewelry shops on the street level and in the vaulted offices above them, are probably an ocean of diamonds.Security has been beefed up dramatically in these buildings, especially after 9/11, but tenants can remember bygone times, when there were muggings and break-ins. Traveling salesmen, laden with gems, still have the occasional hold-up in Atlanta or Puerto Rico, but the business has become fortified. Jewelers rarely carry the gems on their person, sending them ahead by special couriers who cater to the diamond trade. “There have been a lot of changes. The business has changed step by step, quite dramatically,” says Rajshekhar Parikh of Renaissance Gems, who came to the United States in 1975. “Each year it has continuously changed, the way things are done. When we came, we used to sell to the Jewish wholesalers. Then we started selling to retailers and went into jewelry manufacturing. There has been a shift and the dominance of the trade has become much larger.”Sometimes, outside factors help too. Parikh explains that since the U.S. Government eliminated duty on Indian jewelry, the industry has expanded. “It’s a combination of many things which are giving a push to this business.” Indian diamond merchants are trading in everything from large stones to colored stones, from semi-precious to smaller goods; they are even doing the actual setting and manufacturing here for clients, and have even branched out into gold for the U.S. consumer.Over time, Indians are becoming more market savvy and catering to the demands of the American consumer. Says Johari, who heads Dow Gems, which specializes in loose diamonds: “All the items are geared to the American market and if you go to major stores like JC Penneys, Macy’s, Sears or Walmarts, or retail jewelry chains like Zales, K Jewelers or Litmans, most of the jewelry you see is through India.”In fact, even if the merchandise is actually from China or Bangkok, most is being supplied through India and the diamonds are passing through Indian hands. Johari’s jewelry division, Kuber Inc., for instance, is manufacturing the bulk of its merchandise right here while some of it is done in Bangkok, China and India.It may sound intriguing to hear that jewelry manufacturing is actually being done in the United States, but as Johari explains, “Anything which is labor-intensive will go out, because labor is cheap overseas, but other items are finished here. Americans, Armenians, even Indians are running contracting factories with Chinese, Indian, and Spanish workmen who do the setting and finishing right here.”Of the entire American consumer market, the bridal business is the biggest and includes wedding bands, engagement rings as well as jewelry for anniversaries. Larger stones of a carat to three carat still come largely from Israel and Antwerp, and the proportion of Indians selling such stones, though growing, is still small.To the uninitiated eye, the grading of diamonds can be bewildering, but there is a fine science to it as the stones are calibrated for cut, clarity and color. If you have a diamond certified from the Gemological Institute of America, and take the stone back to them five years later for re-evaluation, chances are you will get the exact same report.Interestingly enough, India itself is becoming a lucrative market for the sale of big diamonds and diamond jewelry, earlier reserved just for the wealthy. Explains Johari, “In India the middleclass has been growing and there has been a shift away from gold jewelry so the market for diamonds has grown.”So what is the secret of the Indian success in the global marketplace? Says Amal Jhaveri: “They are business oriented from birth. It’s in their blood. The reason for their success is that they change according to the times. Where the wind is blowing, they blend. We are very low-profile people – in any community, anywhere we blend.” Rosy Blue is a blueprint for how a business can grow from modest beginnings. This family business started in the 1960s in India and branched out to Antwerp in the 1970s. The brothers then started expanding their manufacturing to Sri Lanka, with local partners. Today they have factories in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Armenia, Israel, and Sri Lanka.They have a manufacturing base of various products and distribution is well established with operations that are over 25 years old. Explains Mehta, “These are very mature operations focusing on local competition, rather than just worrying about being better than your fellow Indians. That policy has helped us very well so that one thinks global and acts local.”Rather than just relying on family, the company has encouraged outside talent. “We started making that change in the late 70s because one realizes that you cannot always produce capable children. We’ve been very lucky so far; sometimes it actually makes sense to have professionals as they bring new insights. Today all our operations are very competitive in their own areas and their own regions.”Many Indian companies have started doing the same to keep pace with a sophisticated market. Indians, ever the explorers, are also trying out many new possibilities, landing up in Russia, South Africa, Botswana and the Congo to set up factories. Entrepreneurs are setting up contacts with African governments. An Indian has even set up a factory in Yakutia in Siberia!Dilip Mehta believes there is a need for all this activity since the stockpiles of rough diamonds have diminished considerably with all the mining companies, including De Beers. “Everybody has working stocks and that’s created a lot of anxiety amongst the diamond people in the world, and all of them are trying to secure supplies from wherever they can. They are looking for all the opportunities of business.”Rosy Blue, for instance, has opened cutting factories in Canada in Yellowknife, which is also a source for rough diamonds. Says Mehta, “So it’s all about people moving to where there are business opportunities and if it ties into the supply situation then it works very well. This is what Indians have been able to do due to their flexibility and large families. They’ve been able to adapt and so naturally their business has been increasing.”Indians have also been moving on to new pastures, to bigger diamonds. Earlier they were mainly dealing with lower qualities, but are now producing predominately middle quality diamonds, sizes up to 2 carats. About five or six cutters in India are also producing larger, high quality diamonds. Indians in the industry are agile in adapting to the times. “People have moved on and the interesting thing is that we’re talking about people like us who had just a high school education and no formal training,” says Dilip Mehta.“And now how things have evolved! We trained ourselves over a period of time and now with the younger generation, more focused and more educated, coming in, it’s making a difference big time. Indians are doing just about everything and they are in the true sense business houses now.”   Related Itemslast_img read more

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first_imgRaveena TandonIt’s her first time at film festivals and Raveena Tandon, 37, has already brought home an award. She won a Special Recognition for Outstanding Performance at the Indian Film Festival of Houston for her role as a glamorous socialite and novelist in Sudipto Chattopadhyaya’s Shobhana 7 Nights. “It’s the,Raveena TandonIt’s her first time at film festivals and Raveena Tandon, 37, has already brought home an award. She won a Special Recognition for Outstanding Performance at the Indian Film Festival of Houston for her role as a glamorous socialite and novelist in Sudipto Chattopadhyaya’s Shobhana 7 Nights. “It’s the first time I’ve played a role that’s very contrary to the cliched Hindi film heroine. It’s bold in its character and has no justifications,” she says.last_img read more

Messi, Bolt, Serena among top contenders at Laureus awards

first_imgBerlin, Apr 17 (PTI) From soccer genius Lionel Messi to sprint king Usain Bolt, a shimmering array of the worlds greatest sports stars are in the race for top honours at the prestigious Laureus World Sports Awards — also called the Oscars of Sport — to be presented here tomorrow. The generous sprinkling of stars is not just limited to the mens nominations with the womens category also featuring iconic names like tennis queen Serena Williams and track and fields “Pocket Rocket” Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce among others. In the mens category, three-time winner Bolt and five-time Ballon dOr winner Messi, are joined by tennis No.1 Novak Djokovic, triple Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton along with first time nominees Stephen Curry, star of NBAs Golden State Warriors, and golfs world No.1 Jordan Spieth, who has also been nominated in the Breakthrough of the Year category. In the quintet, Messi is perhaps the biggest star to have never won this coveted trophy even though he has been nominated in five previous editions. Winner of the Ballon dOr for a fifth time, the Argentine genius played a crucial role in Barcelonas outstanding season last year, in which the Spanish giants won the Champions League, La Liga and the Copa del Rey treble. Among his 43 goals in La Liga, he scored a record 32nd hat-trick for Barcelona. Djokovic, who won this award in 2012 and 15, clinched three Grand Slams — Australian, Wimbledon and US Open — last year and was finalist in the French Open. He became only the third man to reach all four finals in the same year and also the first to win six Masters 1000 events in one year. In 2015, he reached 15 consecutive finals and won 11 titles. Bolt, on the other hand, reaffirmed his status as the greatest sprinter the world has ever seen by defending his 100 metres, 200 metres and 4×100 metres titles at the World Championships. The Jamaican superstar took his career tally to 17 world and Olympic gold medals in the year gone by. Among the women, Serena will once again be a top contender for the coveted trophy after securing her 10th Laureus nomination. The American icon sparkled in the year gone by with three Grand Slams. On the other hand, Fraser Pryce continued to rule the 100 metres event with her second straight World Championships gold medal, which took her overall tally to third. The 28-year-old is the only woman to be crowned 100m world champion three times (2009, 2013, 2015). Last year, she also steered the Jamaican womens 4x100m team to a world gold. (MORE) PTI PM CM CMadvertisementlast_img read more

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first_imgPune, Oct 10 (PTI) The first Hockey India 5-a-side Senior National Championship 2016 (Men and Women) will be held at Shiv Chattrapati Sports Complex at Balewadi here from October 26 to 30. To be hosted by Hockey Maharashtra, the championship will have eight teams: Association of Indian Universities, Hockey Haryana, Hockey Jharkhand, Hockey Karnataka, Hockey Maharashtra, Hockey Odisha, Hockey Punjab and Uttar Pradesh Hockey. This explosive short format of field hockey played for the first time in India under the aegis of Hockey India will be conducted on a 38.5m x 22.5m size indoor court. It is being seen as one of the key development for the sport worldwide. The objective of Hockey 5s is to allow flexibility so that it can be played on any surface and on different sized pitches, according to a Hockey India release. A match will consist of three periods of 10 minutes each with an interval of 3 minutes between the periods. Some of the key differences from field hockey are in terms of the ways goals are scored and penalties imposed. Unlike traditional hockey, goals in 5s dont have to be scored from inside the circle. A goal is awarded when the ball crosses the line from anywhere on the court. In addition, the ball is moved using a push, scoop or flick and no hitting is allowed as it is being played at an indoor arena. In terms of fouls, only free hits and challenges are awarded for respective offences by an attacker or defender. A challenge is similar to the way shootouts are conducted in modern hockey. Free hits and fouls follow the same rules as modern hockey as well. Speaking about the tournament, Hockey India Secretary General Md. Mushtaque Ahmad said, “Hockey 5s is an exciting format, that has gained a lot of popularity internationally as an alternative to the traditional game. With the introduction of the Hockey India National Championship we can analyse and see how the format can help us build a fan base as well as a player base at the grassroots level. It is a very spectator friendly format of the sport sport, so we are keenly looking forward to it.” PTI PDS PDSadvertisementlast_img read more

Malkin, Letang Each Score Twice, Penguins Beat Rangers 6-5

first_imgPITTSBURGH (AP) — The Pittsburgh Penguins survived a four-minute penalty kill and went on the hunt against the New York Rangers.Kris Letang scored his second of the game and Evgeni Malkin scored twice in a span of six minutes, helping the Penguins beat the Rangers 6-5 on Sunday.Defensemen Marcus Pettersson and Brian Dumoulin also scored for the Penguins (31-21-7), who leapfrogged the Carolina Hurricanes for the second Eastern Conference wild-card spot.“At the beginning of the third, getting that kill, it gave us such a boost,” Letang said. “And then we got a bunch of goals.” Pittsburgh Penguins’ Sidney Crosby (87) cannot get a shot past New York Rangers goaltender Alexandar Georgiev (40) with Rangers’ Marc Staal (18) defending during the second period of an NHL hockey game in Pittsburgh, Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)Forty-nine seconds after Sidney Crosby’s high-sticking double minor expired, Letang took a feed from Crosby and beat goalie Alexandar Georgiev to give the Penguins the lead for good with 15:24 left.Malkin then scored twice in a span of 2:31 to give him four goals in two games since serving a one-game suspension for a stick-swinging incident.“He tends to be a guy who builds confidence when he scores, and so I think that bodes well for us and for him,” Penguins coach Mike Sullivan said. “He’s an elite player … and you could see it in the third period tonight, the kind of impact he can have.”Mats Zuccarello had two goals, and Kevin Hayes and Mika Zibanejad scored over the game’s final 5:46 for the Rangers, who couldn’t complete a second rally after erasing a 3-1 deficit to tie it late in the second period.Not taking the lead during the four-minute power play that spanned the second intermission was crucial to the game’s outcome.Pittsburgh Penguins’ Evgeni Malkin (71) is upended by New York Rangers’ Adam McQuaid (54) during the first period of an NHL hockey game in Pittsburgh, Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)“We got demoralized,” Rangers coach David Quinn said, “and they got a new set of energy and a new lift and the whole complexion of the game changed.”Crosby had three assists to give him 11 points in his past five games for the Penguins, who had won just seven of their previous 17 games to fall in danger of missing the postseason for the first time since 2005-06.Malkin has points in seven consecutive games that he has played over the past month, interrupted by missing five games with an upper-body injury and the one game because of suspension.Letang opened the scoring 16:11 into the game. He has 15 goals, one off his career high set in 2015-16.It was the first time all season the Penguins got four goals from defensemen.“The last couple games we have been really active getting chances,” Dumoulin said.Zuccarello’s goals were his 10th and 11th, each tying the game. Ryan Strome also scored for New York, which had won three of its previous five.The Rangers have scored 11 goals over a two-game span for the first time this season after winning 6-2 at Buffalo on Friday.Zibanejad added an assist and Chris Kreider had two assists, giving the Rangers’ top-line trio of those two and Zuccarello 58 points in their past 14 games.“Except for those five or six minutes there in the third, I think we played a good game,” Zuccarello said. “Obviously, it’s a good team over there. They have good forwards. They’re going to get some chances, but I think we created a bunch of good chances.“It could’ve gone either way. It’s hard when they score three right away — boom, boom, boom.”NOTES: The Rangers scratched D Brady Skjei (lower-body injury sustained during Friday’s game), C Brett Howden (MCL sprain) and RW Jesper Fast (flu). Coach David Quinn said Skjei should be able to return for Tuesday’s game. … Rangers D Neal Pionk did not play during the third period as a precaution after he was hit in the eye by a stick. … Penguins LW Tanner Pearson was a healthy scratch for the second consecutive day after he had been in the lineup for every game since his acquisition from the Los Angeles Kings in November.UP NEXTRangers: New York wraps up a four-game trip Tuesday at Carolina.Penguins: Continuing a stretch of four divisional matchups over a five-game span, the Penguins play at New Jersey on Tuesday.TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Bale scores as Madrid top Arsenal in penalties

first_imgGareth Bale sent a message to Zinedine Zidane after coming off the bench to score and inspire Real Madrid’s comeback against Arsenal at the International Champions Cup.Bale – tipped for an imminent Madrid exit after sitting out last week’s loss to Bayern Munich – was surprisingly introduced by Zidane at half-time and the Los Blancos outcast helped erase a two-goal deficit in a 2-2 draw before the LaLiga giants won on penalties on Tuesday.Arsenal – who had Sokratis Papastathopoulos sent off prior to half-time after Nacho Fernandez was dismissed for a handball – were in control thanks to Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, until Bale entered the fray. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Ox-rated! Dream night in Genk for Liverpool ace after injury nightmare Messi a man for all Champions League seasons – but will this really be Barcelona’s? Bale pulled a goal back with a simple finish in the 56th minute before fellow substitute Marco Asensio restored parity three minutes later in Maryland, where penalties were needed.While Bale’s spot-kick was saved by Emiliano Martinez, Madrid still prevailed 3-2 over Unai Emery’s Arsenal in the shoot-out.Eden Hazard and Madrid made a lively start but the LaLiga giants were eventually pressed back and punished by Arsenal for their sloppiness in the ninth minute at FedEx Field.After 90 minutes, it finishes…Real Madrid  2-2  ArsenalAnd that means we’re going to penalties #ArsenalinUSA pic.twitter.com/BZJdh4KMQr— Arsenal FC (@Arsenal) July 24, 2019Madrid were at sixes and sevens in defence, losing the ball before Lacazette rounded Keylor Navas, but his goal-bound effort was stopped by Nacho’s hand. The referee brandished a red card and the Arsenal forward’s penalty somehow went in after hitting both posts.Arsenal were in complete control from that point, prompting Zidane to sacrifice Luka Jovic in his first start for Madrid since arriving from Eintracht Frankfurt as defender Raphael Varane was introduced in the 16th minute.Varane’s presence could not prevent Arsenal from moving 2-0 ahead eight minutes later after a lovely flick from Lacazette sent Aubameyang through and the Gabon international rounded Navas and fired the ball into the net.Madrid were handed a boost approaching the interval when Arsenal defender Sokratis was sent off for a second yellow card and Karim Benzema almost pulled a goal back on the stroke of half-time, but his towering header hit the outside of the post.Bale’s introduction at the break lifted Madrid and he pulled a goal back 11 minutes into the second half. After Asensio’s long-range effort rattled the post, the Welshman was on hand to score when the goalkeeper’s save spilled to his feet for a simple finish. 56′ | 1-2 | GOOOOOOOOOOAL by @GarethBale11!!!#RealMadridIsHere | #RMTour pic.twitter.com/yZScvEapdk— Real Madrid C.F. (@realmadriden) July 24, 2019Arsenal barely made it out of their own half as Asensio equalised three minutes later – the Spain international receiving a cutback from fellow substitute Marcelo before finding a way past Martinez.That proved to be the last piece of action from Asensio, who left the field on a stretcher with an apparent knee injury in a worrying scene for the Spaniard and Madrid.Bale then almost put Madrid ahead in the 67th minute, however his delicate flick was well saved by Martinez, with Arsenal firmly entrenched in their own half.Bale continued to do it at all ends after he made a goal-line clearance to deny Calum Chambers with 14 minutes remaining before Reiss Nelson curled a shot inches off target.Eddie Nketiah had a golden opportunity to win it for Arsenal with three minutes of normal time remaining, but he was unable to beat Thibaut Courtois in a one-on-one situation as penalties beckoned. read morelast_img read more

David Oyelowo To Be Honored At GEANCO Foundation Benefit

first_imgThe GEANCO Foundation, which saves and transforms lives in Africa, will hold its annual star-studded Hollywood fundraiser on Tuesday, October 3, at Spectra in the Pacific Design Center.Each year, GEANCO hosts this benefit to rally support for vulnerable women and children in Nigeria. Golden Globe nominee and GEANCO’s 2015 Global Promise Award recipient David Oyelowo (Selma, Interstellar, Queen of Katwe) will host the event alongside NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon. Three-time Grammy winner Kevin K.O. Olusola of the multi-platinum musical group Pentatonix will open the program with a special musical performance.“David and Warren are cherished, dedicated leaders of our GEANCO Foundation family of supporters,” said Afam Onyema, GEANCO’s Co-Founder and COO. “I am honored to have them as our event co-Chairs, and we are especially delighted that Kevin will inspire us all with his brilliant musical talent.”Oscar-nominated actors and previous Global Promise honorees Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange, Sherlock, The Imitation Game) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave, Doctor Strange) will serve as Honorary Co-Chairs. The Host Committee includes Marcellus Wiley (host of ESPN television show SportsNation and the radio show Marcellus & Kelvin), Mark Johnson (Oscar- and Emmy-winning producer of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and Rain Man), Yvonne Orji (HBO’s Insecure) and Billy Ray (Oscar-nominated writer of Captain Phillips and The Hunger Games). Sponsors include Walt Disney Studios, Participant Media, Creative Artists Agency, Latham & Watkins LLP, Pender Capital and Neuro Drink.Event proceeds will underwrite GEANCO’s November 2017 medical mission, which will provide free hip and knee replacement surgeries to Nigerians in dire need. Donations will also support the David Oyelowo Leadership Scholarship for Girls, which provides comprehensive academic, medical and psychological support to young female victims of terrorism in Nigeria.VIP and General Admission tickets are available for purchase on the event website. VIP ticket holders receive exclusive access to a special reception from 6:15 to 6:45 p.m., where they will enjoy a premium open bar and delicious Africa-influenced appetizers while mingling with celebrities and other notable guests. General admission entry begins at 6:45 p.m. The program kicks off at 8 p.m. with Kevin K.O. Olusola’s performance, celebrity remarks and a special video presentation of GEANCO’s work in Nigeria.\]last_img read more

Vote To Have Steve Aoki Perform At Your School

first_imgChegg, the Smarter Way to Student, in partnership with truth, one of the largest and most successful national youth tobacco prevention campaigns, today announced that one U.S. college or high school campus can win a once-in-a-lifetime visit from Steve Aoki, the international producer, DJ and entrepreneur.Beginning today, high school and college students can vote for their school to win this on-campus experience through an online contest. Steve Aoki will take over the classroom to host an exclusive Q&A with students, giving them a look at all that went into his rise to fame and experience as one of America’s most successful DJs and trendsetting entrepreneurs. The student body will also be treated to a set specially crafted for the day by Steve Aoki.To celebrate the importance of arts in education, Chegg will also award the winning school the $10,000 David B. Goldberg Music Grant for the music department at their school.“I am excited to be participating in the Chegg Music 101 classroom series as it allows me to connect with my fans, share experiences of my career,” said Steve Aoki. “I discovered my passion for creating music when I was in school and would have loved to have had the opportunity to hear from industry leaders.”Students attending high school or college in the contiguous 48 states can begin nominating their campus today for a chance to win the experience. To do so, students simply visit www.chegg.com/music101, log in to Chegg, and vote for their school. The school with the most student votes will win the visit from Steve Aoki. For the first time, students can earn additional votes by coming back to the website weekly and interacting with content from Chegg, truth and Steve Aoki.“While many people may think the smoking issue in this country is solved, tobacco is still the number one cause of preventable death with 99 percent of adult smokers starting by the age of 26,” said Eric Asche, Chief Marketing Officer, Truth Initiative, the organization that funds and directs truth. “Partnering with a company like Chegg, allows us to share the facts about tobacco directly with students nationwide. We believe that ending smoking is a realistic goal, and this generation is using their collective power and creativity to make it happen.”This #CheggMusic101 is presented by truth. It is the latest in Chegg’s ongoing series of music classes brought to students across college and high school campuses nationwide. This season’s contest follows successful programs that Chegg has conducted with top-artists including Kaskade, Shawn Mendes, Rachel Platten, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran.“This is our second Chegg Music 101 with an incredible EDM artist. We had a great success in our Brooklyn Technical High School Music 101 with Kaskade where students were able to learn about producing and remixing music. We’re thrilled to be able to bring Steve Aoki to another campus,” said Mitch Spolan, EVP of Brand Partnerships at Chegg. “By broadening the range of artists we work with for our Chegg Music 101s, the more students we can reach, educate, and surprise and delight as they interact with the artists and brands they love.”To learn more about the contest and nominate a school, visit: www.chegg.com/music101.To learn more about how to join truth and become part of the generation to end tobacco for good, visit: thetruth.com.last_img read more

Ajax Scores at 34th Minute Honors 34 Moroccos Abdelhak Nouri

Rabat – At the moment he scored a goal against Juventus, Ajax Amsterdam’s Donny Van de Beek looked up to see it was the 34th minute, the same number his friend Abdelhak Nouri wore when he played for Ajax.Van de Beek believes that it was not a coincidence. “I looked up at the scoreboard after I had scored, saw it was the 34th minute and simply knew that wasn’t a coincidence. It’s something very special. I will never forget that again,” he said after Ajax’s match with Juventus on Tuesday. Morocco’s Abdelhak Nouri is a former Ajax player who collapsed during a friendly match against Werder Bremen in July 2017 because of a cardiac arrest, causing permanent brain damage. Nouri went into a coma and is still receiving care at a hospital.Ajax also tweeted in tribute to Nouri.Minuut 34. ♥ #StayStrongAppie #UCL #juvaja pic.twitter.com/tOOElTkizs— AFC Ajax (@AFCAjax) April 17, 2019 read more

Five women physicists honoured 15 fellowships awarded by UN agency

Fifteen fellowships also went to women research scientists around the world at an award ceremony yesterday in Paris at the headquarters of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).”The Laureates work in the most promising areas of physics: nanoscience or quantum physics,” UNESCO said.”Their research concerns the technologies of semiconductors, measuring atmospheric pollution, the extraction of heavy petroleum trapped underground. It is also the stuff of dreams, such as building a module for the International Space Station on Mars or developing quantum computers that could revolutionize the way we work today.”The five winners of the L’Oréal-UNESCO awards were Zohra Ben Lakhdar of Tunisia, Belita Koiller of Brazil, Myriam P. Sarachik of the United States, Fumiko Yonezawa of Japan and Dominique Langevin of France.Two Nobel Laureates took part in the ceremony, the 1991 winner for physics, Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, who presided, and the winner in 1974 for medicine and founding president of the L’Oréal UNESCO awards, Christian de Duve. read more

Bucks lose Pettrey for regular season

Ohio State kicker Aaron Pettrey will have surgery Tuesday to repair a torn medial collateral ligament, or MCL, in his right knee and could miss the remainder of the regular season.Pettrey suffered the injury during a kickoff late in the second quarter of OSU’s 45-0 victory over New Mexico State on Saturday.He is expected to miss four to six weeks, leaving open the possibility of playing in the Buckeyes’ bowl game.Junior Devin Barclay, a 26-year-old walk-on, replaced Pettrey on Saturday and missed two of his three field goal attempts.Pettrey has made 13 of 19 field goal attempts on the season.

Transparency International slams Eurogroups methods

first_imgTransparency International’s report on corruption was stinging when it came to Eurogroup.The clandestine meetings of eurozone finance ministers that belong to the group was slammed. “For an institution whose decisions have had an impact on the lives of millions of Europeans, there is much about the Eurogroup that is mysterious,” the anti-corruption watchdog stated.Though the eurogroup is an informal grouping, it has drawn up harsh and crippling bailout plans for Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.The group meets once a month and was a “talking shop” prior to the debt crisis that plagued the EU, however its role changed once the crisis took its toll on the euro.From 2010 through to 2013, ministers drew up bailouts and monitored Eurozone members spending plans, taking the control from the finance teams of national governments. France and Germany account for half the Eurozone’s GDP, hence hold much of the power leaving smaller member states, such as Greece, to feel “pressure from financial markets and time constraints” and without leeway when it comes to “blocking proceedings”.Transparency International recommended the formalisation of the Eurogroup with greater transparency and direct accountability to the European Parliament. It is also suggested that the group have a full-time presented who would hold clear responsibility for decisions.CLICK HERE to read the full report.  Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Athletic Club Bilbao coach Gaizka Garitano claims clubs situation is still

first_imgDespite an outstanding performance last Sunday, Athletic Club Bilbao boss Gaizka Garitano believes his club’s situation is still bad.Last Sunday Garitano side played an impressive 2-0 victory at home to Sevilla leaving the Basque giants with 11 points in Garitano’s five games in charge and 15th in a congested midtable in La Liga.“Our situation is delicate, it has improved, but it is still bad,” Garitano – who replaced Eduardo Berizzo last month – told reporters, as quoted by Football Espana.“What matters most is the points, not how we got them or who we had before.Gerard Pique, Neymar, BarcelonaLa Liga Betting: Match-day 4 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Despite it being very early into La Liga season, both Barcelona and Real Madrid have had unprecedented starts to their campaigns. With this in…“When you’re struggling you need to make sure you are tough to beat at home, that you pick up points and can gain some momentum from there.“However I’m also happy about other aspects of our game, we played very well and were solid defensively, we knew if we scored we would be in a strong position.“They have lost very few games but we had a game-plan and the players perfected it.last_img read more

San Diego City Council approves funding for homeless navigation center

first_img 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The San Diego City Council yesterday approved funding for a navigation intake center for the homeless over the objections of four council members who said the center provides no shelter beds and guarantees no housing.The mayor agrees we need more housing but for now he’s focused on the short term needs of the homeless who are without shelter.In the meantime, the council has taken the lead on providing low cost housing by recently passed a resolution requesting each council district identify sites for 140 housing units that would get the city to 1260 units a number that would match the number of chronically homeless in the city.Additionally, the council hopes to expand the reach by including school districts land and property owned by the state. Steve Bosh, Posted: November 14, 2018 San Diego City Council approves funding for homeless navigation center November 14, 2018 Steve Bosh Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Army Leaders Highlight Readiness Shortfall Need for BRAC Round

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR Fiscal constraints have forced the Army to focus on near-term readiness, putting its future capability at great risk, the service’s top civilian and military officials told lawmakers Wednesday.“We’re mortgaging our future readiness because we have to ensure success in today’s battles,” said acting Army Secretary Patrick Murphy.Murphy and Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley told the Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee that readiness is their top priority as the Army shrinks its active-duty end-strength from 490,000 to 450,000 while fulfilling the requirements of combatant commanders around the globe, reported Army Times.The Army entered 2016 with 482,264 soldiers on active duty, leaving the force about 7,000 soldiers from reaching its goal of 475,000 troops by this coming October. The newly released FY 2017 budget calls for the service’s end strength to drop to 460,000 by Oct. 1, 2017.To free up more resources for training, the witnesses urged Congress to authorize a new round of base closures.“Let us manage your investments,” Murphy said. The service spends at least $500 million annually on excess or underutilized facilities, according to the written testimony Murphy and Milley submitted.“In short, smaller investments in Army installations without the ability to reduce excess infrastructure jeopardizes our ability to ensure long-term readiness. To continue the efficient use of resources, the Army requests congressional authority to consolidate or close excess infrastructure,” the testimony stated.Milley told one committee member that retaining 480,000 soldiers in the active force, 350,000 in the Guard and 205,000 in the Reserve would help the Army better meet its readiness goals, but he emphasized the importance of providing the necessary funding to maintain the extra troops’ proficiency in combat operations.“The short answer would be sure, I think that having increased numbers would help out with readiness, but if, and only if, we had the money to support that,” Milley said.last_img read more

4 Gamification Platforms That Show Why You Cant Afford to Ignore This

first_img Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. 5 min read During their first week at work, new tech employees at Asurion, a technology-support company in Nashville, are locked in a room and told to “escape.” It’s all part of their training. And it’s a game.Related: Why You Should Supercharge Your Workplace With GamificationAs part of the exercise, small teams at the company are tasked with figuring out how to “escape” the room, by working together to solve challenges designed to reflect their new roles.These tasks can range from something as simple as resetting a router to more complex issues involving multiple operating systems.”The Escape Game concept allows Asurion to tap into its employees’ innate affinity for gaming, while reinforcing skills and traits important for their job,” Vincent Phamvan, senior director of innovation, explained via email.The escape game, he said, “gives new employees — primarily millennials — hands-on experience with the latest technology devices, while honing the critical skills and traits they’ll need to provide top-notch customer experience.”Not to mention, it’s fun. Yet while Asurion’s Escape Game may be innovative, it’s not necessarily appropriate for every company, because not every entrepreneur has time to design his or her own game.The good news, however, is that HR tech tools are offering companies gamification activities to improve their employees’ work experience. Here are four:AxonifyDescription: a modernized corporate-learning solutionCompany headquarters: Waterloo, OntarioAt Home Décor, a home-accessories retailer based in Plano, Texas, has implemented Axonify in 100 stores, covering more than 2,000 associates. Kiosks with the learning platform are located in break rooms, and each day, employees log in and complete short training modules with an option to play a game to test their knowledge. They can also earn badges and other rewards.Related: How Gamification Is Engaging Customers and Employees Alike“When we made our training program engaging and relevant, with some fun built-in, we noticed a significant increase in participation,” Valerie Davisson, chief people officer, said via email. “We now see a 99 percent participation among our store associates; have reduced onboarding time by 90 percent; and have increased sales among stores with the highest knowledge levels.”LimeadeDescription: a corporate-wellness platformCompany headquarters: Bellevue, Wash.Kindred Healthcare, a nationwide company with a variety of healthcare centers, wanted to create a wellness program that would meet the needs of its diverse workforce. With Limeade, the company was able to choose and develop a variety of ways for its employees to improve their own health.”My favorite challenge is ‘Move Across America,'” said Andrea Romisher, the company’s VP of benefits, based  in Louisville, Ken. “We formed teams, and our folks posted pictures on Instagram and Facebook, showing how they were taking steps across America. And we have some real heroes out there.”She went on to say that because of these types of competitive programs from Limeade, more employees are completing well-being assessments, making them better educated about how to take care of their health.  AmbitionDescription: an all-inclusive performance-management systemCompany headquarters: Chattanooga, Tenn.Ambition allows organizations to create and track competitions designed to motivate employees. In fact, when an employee hits a goal, individuals can choose a YouTube clip to play on the office TV in celebration.“One of our reps has She’s a Bad Mama Jama as his anthem,” Adam Harless said via email. Harless is sales operations leader of Prezi, a presentation software company in San Francisco. “Every time that thing plays, the whole office knows he’s achieved something of note.”Harless went on to say that the biggest benefit from Ambition is the increased visibility it allows. By playing the game, all members of the team stay aware — and have fun with — the latest performance data.YouScienceDescription: career-planning softwareCompany headquarters: Nashville, Tenn.YouScience has drawn on 40 years of research to develop assessments that guide people on their career path. But instead of putting users through tests and skills quizzes, the game has them play brain games.Then, each individual receives a report detailing his or her skills and potential good job fits.While this technology was primarily designed to help job seekers, there’s great potential for employers to use it, as well. For example, interns and entry-level employees could complete the program to show the talents they have to offer the organization.Related: Effectively Manage a Remote Team via GamificationSupporting internal mobility is another feature the platform provides. If a valuable employee wants more opportunities or a career change, a stint playing YouScience’s brain games may well reveal new roles he or she could fill within the company. June 29, 2017 Register Now » Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box.last_img read more

The 5 Takeaways from the Coyotes introduction of

first_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Arizona Cardinals quarterback Blaine Gabbert (7) throws against the Dallas Cowboys during the first half of the Pro Football Hall of Fame NFL preseason game in Canton, Ohio, Thursday, Aug. 3, 2017. (AP Photo/Ron Schwane) 2 Comments   Share   Top Stories center_img GLENDALE, Ariz. — The Cardinals have released their second depth chart heading into the preseason game against the Raiders on Saturday. Let’s go through some of the position battles for the final 53-man roster.QB (4)Carson Palmer, Drew Stanton, Blaine Gabbert, Trevor KnightHow Gabbert performs in the next four preseason games will dictate how many quarterbacks they keep on the active roster.Offensive line three deep (15) Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Cornerbacks (6)LCB Patrick Peterson, Tramon Williams, Harlan MillerRCB Justin Bethel, Brandon Williams, Sojourn SheltonDepending on if they add another player when rosters are cut, the top CBs are Peterson, Bethel, Tramon Williams and Brandon Williams.Safeties (6)SS Antoine Bethea, Tyvon Branch, Ironhead GallonFS Tyrann Mathieu, Budda Baker, Rudy FordThey could keep five. Ironhead Gallon is practice squad eligible.Special teamsKR Kerwynn Williams, Brittan Golden, Jeremy Ross, Chad WilliamsPR Kerwynn Williams, Jeremy Ross, Rudy Ford, Chad WilliamsP Matt Wile, Richie LeoneH Matt Wile, Richie LeoneK Phil DawsonBoth punters have been inconsistent. In the next four-preseason games, they must show improvement, otherwise the Cardinals could find another punter before the season starts.Follow Mike Jurecki on Twitter LT D.J. Humphries, John Wetzel, Givens PriceLG Mike Iupati, Kaleb Johnson, Will HoldenC A.Q. Shipley, Cole Toner, Daniel MunyerRG Evan Boehm, Tony Bergstrom, Dorian JohnsonRT Jared Veldheer, Ulrick John, Jonathan McLaughlinThe Cardinals will likely keep eight or nine linemen.Wide receivers (6)Larry Fitzgerald, J.J. Nelson, Chad WilliamsJohn Brown, Jaron Brown, Brittan GoldenBarring any injuries, they’ll keep six on the roster.Running backs (4)David Johnson, Kerwynn Williams, Chris Johnson, Andre EllingtonElijhaa Penny is practice squad eligible.Defensive line (9)DT Josh Mauro, Olsen Pierre, Xavier WilliamsNT Corey Peters, Rodney Gunter, Pasoni TasiniDT Frostee Rucker, Robert Nkemdiche, Ed StinsonLast year, they carried nine on the active roster, but it’s possible they keep seven or eight.Linebackers (12)SAM Chandler Jones, Jarvis Jones, Cap Capi$LB Haason Reddick, Scooby Wright, Josh Bynes (Deone Bucannon)ILB Karlos Dansby, Philip Wheeler, Zavier GoodenWILL Markus Golden, Kareem Martin, Alex BazzieWright was running with the third string yesterday in practice, and it’s safe to say he’s on the bubble. Keep an eye on Josh Bynes, who totaled 209 tackles, 13 tackles for loss, a half sack, one interception, 14 passes defensed, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery in 64 games (28 starts) with the Lions and Ravens since 2011. He will get a chance to compete for a backup spot.last_img read more

Cunard Line revealed itinerary and design plans fo

first_imgCunard Line revealed itinerary and design plans for its newest ocean liner, Queen Elizabeth, which is scheduled to enter service on 12 October 2010, giving one of the oldest names in shipping the strength of operating the youngest fleet in the industry. Queen Elizabeth will be the third new ocean liner to be introduced by Cunard in six years and the second largest Cunard ship ever built.Queen Elizabeth will feature the unique Cunard traditions linking her with her sisters Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria, and their predecessors. She will also debut some exciting features that will give the vessel her own style and personality, plus all the modern day luxuries Cunard’s guests have come to expect.Likewise, Cunard’s renowned White Star Service will be ever-present, ensuring that travelers who seek a return to tradition will enjoy proper, authentic experiences that reflect the line’s 170-year heritage of formality and civility at sea.In announcing the first details of the new ship, Cunard President Carol Marlow said “Cunard holds the distinction of sailing the most famous ocean liners in the world and I’m delighted to announce this magnificent addition to our fleet, which marks the return to our operation of three Queens simultaneously. For more than 70 years there has been an ‘Elizabeth’ in the fleet and this beautiful modern-day celebration of our past ‘Elizabeths’ will ensure this proud tradition continues far into this century. Sir Samuel Cunard would be rightly proud.”The ship’s distinctive public spaces include:Queens Room – a new take on the traditional Cunard ballroom, with artwork depicting views from royal palaces, and photography of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal family, along with its 1000 square foot dance floor for Grand Balls and Tea Dances at sea.Garden Lounge – with its magnificent vaulted glass ceiling creating a conservatory feel inspired by the glass houses of Kew Gardens, beneath where guests will enjoy Supper Clubs, and mix dining with dancing under the stars.Games Deck – Named after the same deck on the original Queen Elizabeth, the Games Deck will offer paddle tennis, croquet and traditional British bowls. (Interestingly, the ship’s home port of Southampton is home to the oldest surviving bowls green in the world, first used in 1299.)Midships Bar – will pay homage to her namesake liner, the first Queen Elizabeth, with memorabilia displayed from that era.The ship’s dining venues include:Queens Grill and Princess Grill – The ship will also feature the line’s celebrated five-star Grills accommodation and dining, with its al fresco dining option on a private deck terrace – first introduced on Queen Victoria – beautiful restaurants, Grills Lounge and sunbathing deck.The popular Britannia Club, having first debuted aboard Queen Mary 2, features a private dining room with single seating dining for those guests in the top Balcony staterooms.Britannia Restaurant – Art Deco decorative flourishes create a dramatic backdrop for this two-tiered dining room featuring a sweeping staircase ideal for making a grand entrance.Queen Elizabeth’s maiden 2010 season will consist of six voyages, calling on 32 distinct ports in 18 countries. Her Maiden Voyage will depart from Cunard’s homeport of Southampton on 12 October 2010, en route to the Atlantic Isles. The 13-night voyage will call at Vigo (for Santiago de Compostela), Lisbon, Seville (Cadiz), Gran Canaria (Las Palmas), Tenerife (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), La Palma (Santa Cruz de La Palma) and Madeira (Funchal). Fares start from $2,995 per person.The ship will then embark on five celebratory inaugural voyages:Mediterranean Premiere – A 14-day voyage departing Southampton on 25 October 2010 with maiden calls to Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Florence/Pisa (Livorno), Rome (Civitavecchia), Naples (for Capri and Pompeii), Cartagena and Gibraltar. Fares start from $2,795 per person.Aegean Introduction – An 18-day voyage departing Southampton on 8 November 2010 calling on Malaga (for Granada), Malta (Valletta), Venice, Dubrovnik, Kusadasi (for Ephesus), Athens (Piraeus) and Alicante. Fares from $3,295 per person.Gallic Debut – A five-day voyage departing Southampton on 26 November 2010 with maiden calls to Rotterdam (for Amsterdam), Brussels/Bruges (for Zeebrugge) and Cherbourg. Fares start from $1,195 per person.Iberian Discovery – A 13-day voyage departing Southampton on 1 December 2010 with calls to Vigo (for Santiago de Compostela), Lisbon, Seville (Cadiz), Gran Canaria (Las Palmas), Tenerife (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), La Palma (Santa Cruz de La Palma) and Madeira. Fares start from $2,395 per person.Festive Debut – A 22-day holiday voyage departing Southampton on 14 December 2010 with calls in the Caribbean, including Madeira (Funchal), Tortola, Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua and Azores Islands (Ponta Delgada). Fares start from $4,795 per person.www.cunard.comlast_img read more

Rep Heise invites residents to April coffee hours

first_img13Apr Rep. Heise invites residents to April coffee hours State Rep. Kurt Heise invites residents of the 20th House district to meet with him in Northville this month for coffee to discuss state and local issues.Rep. Heise’s coffee hours are scheduled for Friday, April 17th from 7:30 to 9 a.m. at Panera Bread, located at 20140 Haggerty Road in Northville.“One of the most rewarding parts of my job is getting to meet with and hear from individuals in our community,” said Rep. Heise, R-Plymouth. “I always look forwarding to meeting with local residents and bringing their ideas and concerns back to Lansing.”No appointments are necessary for these office hours. Residents who are not able to attend are encouraged to contact Rep. Heise’s office by phone at 1-855-REPKURT, or by email at KurtHeise@house.mi.gov.### Categories: Newslast_img read more

Rep Leutheuser welcomes local pastor to lead House invocation

first_img14Sep Rep. Leutheuser welcomes local pastor to lead House invocation Categories: Leutheuser News PHOTO: State Rep. Eric Leutheuser welcomed Hillsdale United Brethren Church Pastor Lester Smith to the state Capitol to give today’s invocation for the Michigan House of Representatives. House tradition calls for a representative or a clergy member to begin each day’s session with a prayer. Speaker Tom Leonard joined them at the rostrum. Lester’s wife, Linda, was also in attendance.last_img