UVU Men Basketball’s Fardaws Aimaq Named To Henson Award Watch List

first_imgJanuary 27, 2021 /Sports News – Local UVU Men Basketball’s Fardaws Aimaq Named To Henson Award Watch List Brad James FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailOREM, Utah-In news released Wednesday, Utah Valley men’s basketball sophomore center Fardaws Aimaq was named to the 2020-21 Lou Henson National Player of the Year Award mid-season watch list.The native of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada leads the nation in rebounds with 14.9 boards a game and also leads the country in defensive rebounds per contest (10.09) and is second in offensive rebounds per game (4.82).Aimaq also averages 16.8 points per game and shoots 52.7 percent from the field.The 6-11 245-pound Aimaq also averages 1.7 blocks and 1.4 assists per game.Aimaq is the only Utah representative on this list.The award is named in honor of former Hardin-Simmons, Illinois and New Mexico State head coach Lou Henson.Henson was 775-420 (.649) during his Division I head coaching career, which lasted from 1962-2005.center_img Written bylast_img read more

Oriel begin Summer Eights with sweet revenge

first_imgWednesday’s Rowing by Elaina Evans After controversy over entries and a very tough rowing-on contest last Friday, it was a relief to see Summer Eights 2004 finally kick-off this Wednesday. The weather may have been dull, but events were not. The big news of the day was Oriel M1’s bump on Pembroke at the top of the first division, reclaiming (for now) the headship lost this time last year. Oriel caught their arch-rivals in the last ten strokes of the race, the Pembroke cox forced to conceed when the two crews were well past the boathouses. The question for the rest of the week is whether Oriel can keep their heads for the next three days as Pembroke did in 2003. The rest of the division was a great spectacle for supporters braving the brief, but intense, downpour, with most of the action taking place in full-view of the boathouses. And, if today’s racing was an indicator, then there is set to be much movement throughout the top men’s crews. Down the Green Bank stretch came a fleet of crews in close proximity, fighting through dirty water. It was here cool-headed Magdalen, a serious threat to the top two crews, bumped Exeter. Teddy Hall saw off Christ Church with style, while Wadham ended their three-year stint as the sandwich crew by catching Jesus, whose guts more than anything got them so far along the course. In comparison, there was much less activity in the Women’s First Division, with only three bumps occuring. New’s performance leaves their bid for headship in doubt – Pembroke seemed comfortable in rowing over a good few lengths ahead of them. More determination was shown in Teddy Hall’s effort, overbumping a knackered St Hilda’s right in front of the boathouses, after Somerville’s bump on Merton left them with six lengths to regain. In lower divisions, Mansfield retain a clean sheet with both their M1 and W1 getting a bump, setting them up for blades which have seemed to come naturally for the college in the last few years. Women’s Division Two was klaxoned, but not before a premature concession by Brasenose to Queens that could have been avoided if they had simply held out a few strokes. Trinity W1 sent John’s down to the Third Division, where they face a race ahead of a great scramble between St Anne’s, Corpus and Jesus, who all rowed the entire course a canvas off each other. Most bumps in the Rowing-On divisions took place below the gut, leaving spectators not much more to observe than the bizarre attire of various crews. And so, the contests for headship and battles for blades are set to unfold with the characteristic mix of determination and pure luck. Hopefully the rest of the contest will equal the excitement and surprsies of the first day. Eights Preview by Victoria Dare Eights appears to bring the fun into rowing – many a Rugby Eight or Schools boat will use strength or revision breaks to secure bumps. Women may have rowed in bikinis and no doubt the occasional Viking has been spotted. Of course, in the senior divisions, things are deadly serious. Captains have cajoled university oarsmen into their boats, though the entry list suggests that Corpus have been unable to persuade Sam McLennan (OUBC president) and Nick Walter (Isis) into their boat. On the men’s side, Magdalen appear to be the crew to watch. They beat Oriel at Bedford Regatta, and with three blues in the stern look strong. Other potential successes are Queen’s, who gained five bumps in four days at Torpids and LMH. The women’s headship is again between Pembroke, Merton and New. Pembroke had a poor Torpids, but have bounced back. The real movement is expected below them. Somerville and Catz may have a difficult week with fast crews, like Christ Church, within striking distance. In division two, Oriel and Worcester, who have pursuaded Blues Claire Bulmer and Emma Payne into their boat, would be unlucky not to make gains. In 189 years, a few select colleges have had the honour of finishing Head of the River. For the many though, they will want to gain their own slice of personal glory – and a well deserved Pimms on Saturday.ARCHIVE: 4th week TT 2004last_img read more

Ingredients Watch

first_imgUS-based bakery brand Dunkin’ Donuts said that it has developed a new oil in order to create donuts free from trans fats.The donuts have been served in approximately 400 restaurants throughout the US, as part of a nationwide blind test over a period of four months, said Dunkin’ Donuts in a statement.The Massachusetts-based company developed the trans- free oil, which can be used as an alternative cooking oil, with the criteria that it works without sacrificing the quality, flavour and taste.According to the US Food and Drug Administration definition, “zero trans fat” means an oil that contains less than 0.5g of trans fat per serving.Dunkin’ Donuts tested more than 28 alternative oils and blends and conducted 80 independent tests to find a suitable alternative.”We are proud to be the first major quick-service outlet to introduce a donut that has zero grams trans fat,” said Joe Scafido, chief creative and innovation officer at Dunkin’ Brands.”We applaud the Dunkin’ Brands research and development and supply chain teams, who have worked behind the scenes for nearly four years to move towards an entirely zero grams trans fat menu.”Dunkin’ Donuts has more than 13,000 franchises in 50 countries worldwide. It said that, by mid-October, all of its bakery products would be trans fat-free, including croissants, muffins, bagels and other bakery products.The announcement comes as bakery producers are under mounting pressure to help tackle obesity.last_img read more

Widespread Panic Welcomes Dirty Dozen Brass Band Members For Rockin’ Vegas Opener

first_imgLoad remaining images Beloved jammers Widespread Panic returned to Las Vegas, NV last night, kicking off a three night run at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel. Panic has made Vegas a regular stop for multi-night runs along their summer touring, never failing to pull out surprises and more for the occasion. Last night was no exception, as Panic welcomed members of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band to add some potent brass magic to their classic tunes.The show opened with “Who Do You Belong To?,” letting Panic work through a number of classic originals like “Thought Sausage,” “Radio Child” and more. It was baritone saxophonist Roger Lewis who first appeared, joining the band on “Pickin’ Up The Pieces” and “Stop Breakin’ Down Blues” to end the set. In set two, it was five of the dirty twelve who came out and jammed, including Gregory Davis, Kevin Harris, Efrem Towns, Kirk Joseph and Roger Lewis. They came for an extended jam session, including the debut of Professor Longhair’s “Go To The Mardi Gras.”Watch “Stop Breakin’ Down Blues” below, courtesy of YouTube user farawaybro.After a great version of “Red Hot Mama,” the horn section and band members left the stage for a “Mini Drums” segment, before returning for “I Walk On Guilded Splinters” and Bill Withers’ “Use Me.” The set ended with “Chilly Water,” and a double encore of “Honky Red” and “May Your Glass Be Filled” ended the night in style.Check out the full setlist from PanicStream, as well as a photo gallery from Erik Kabik.Setlist: Widespread Panic at the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV – 7/8/16Set 1 Who Do You Belong To?, Thought Sausage, Radio Child, Bear’s Gone Fishin’, You Got Yours, All Time Low, A of D, Pilgrims, Pickin’ Up The Pieces*, Stop Breakin’ Down Blues* Set 2 Little Kin, Pleas > Saint Ex > Rebirtha > Go To The Mardi Gras**, Red Hot Mama** > Mini Drums > I Walk On Guilded Splinters** > Use Me**, Chilly WaterEncore Honky Red, May Your Glass Be Filled Notes * w/ Roger Lewis on Baritone Sax (DDBB)** w/Gregory Davis, Rodger Lewis, Kevin Harris, Efrem Towns, Kirk Joseph (DDBB)[Inverted intro into ‘Saint Ex’; FTP ‘Go To The Mardi Gras’ (Professor Longhair)]last_img read more

My Own Worst Critic

first_imgWhen you spend a lot of time by yourself, there comes a point when you simply get fed up with you.It’s the worst too, because you can’t blame anyone but you. There’s no scapegoat, no assistant that forgot to charge your battery or clear your memory card. There’s only you.If you’re like me, the times I really get on my nerves are when the stupidest, most preventable things happen.Like when I misplaced my key for the gajillionth time, only to realize that it slipped out of my pocket in an overgrown field in the dead of night under a new moon (side note, 45 minutes and a lot of cursing later, I found it).Or that time I lost my headlamp the first day I moved from my apartment into the Jeep (still haven’t found that sucker).Or how about just last week when I woke up early (I’m talking 4:45am) to see the lunar eclipse and sunrise, only to drive 45 minutes outside of town and realize that a) I’d forgotten my camera and b) I only had my Eddie Bauer RipPac rain jacket to keep me warm in the gusting mountaintop winds.Whhhyyyy I remember whining to myself. Why can’t this be easy?Immediately I gave myself a mental bitch-slap-across-the-face, chastising myself for such a foolish thought. That’s what I was asking myself? Why can’t this be easy? Really?Who told you this was going to be easy? Living on the road was your idea. You don’t even like when things are easy, I reminded myself.For the most part, that statement is pretty true. Especially when I was in school, I would get bored, apathetic even, when classes didn’t challenge me. I’d do the bare minimum to skate by, always managing to pump out an A (except ceramics, that blasted class). I thrive in the face of challenge (except in ceramics). Sometimes I flop and flail and fail, but it’s that working hard, that struggle, that motivates me.But living on the road is inherently hard, especially when you have this laundry list of traits that aren’t very conducive to a happy-go-lucky life-on-the-road. Disorganized, distracted. Not exactly what you’d want out of someone whose life fits into a Jeep Cherokee and a few Deuter packs.That being said, I’ve made leaps and bounds since I ditched my apartment at the end of April. I have a system of organized chaos down, I know (mostly) where everything is, and I’ve since adopted my friend’s double-triple-check technique before peeling out of a parking lot (that one came about after I drove down the main drag in West Asheville to a number of cars honking and lights flashing…apparently my CamelBak water bottle was riding high and dry between the crossbars…).Despite the progress, I’m no road warrior savant, as my less-than-ideal sunrise excursion last week proved.Thankfully, my space-cadet-self had left a charged GoPro in the passenger seat the night before the lunar eclipse. So with nothing more than that, my iPhone, and a perfectly functional (albeit slightly sluggish) memory, I followed my friends through the dark to the overlook just a 1/2 mile up the mountain to watch the sunrise.With every step I took up the muddy trail, I actually started to feel better about having forgotten my camera. It was kinda cloudy, kinda rainy.Maybe the sunrise won’t be that great, I convinced myself. We obviously weren’t going to see the lunar eclipse with the cloud coverage, so it’s not like I’d be missing any opportunity there.But when we reached the forest’s edge and the landscape opened up into a sweeping view of the mountains surrounding Boone, N.C., that earlier irritation with myself returned full-force.This sunrise was going to be brilliant.2014-10-08 07.52.53While my friends whipped out their tripods and fancy cameras and lenses and shot long exposures of the increasingly stunning sunrise, I sat on the damp rock, hugging my knees in a useless attempt to trap my body heat, and pouted. I took a few photos with the GoPro, some video to capture the wind, but that’s about all I could muster the creative energy to do.You’re useless, I kept saying to myself. Totally and utterly useless.I know. It sounds harsh, and I’ll be the first to admit I’m my own worst critic. But given that I’d been up early nearly every day that week already, staying up late working, sleeping little, and (due to the unpredictable weather in Boone) not shooting a lot, I was beyond annoyed that I woke up early that morning just to shoot the sunrise only to forget the most important piece of equipment to accomplish that.As the sun peaked over the horizon though, I had a change of heart.Not a significant change of heart, but a subtle one, mind you.For those of you that have taken the time to watch the sun rise, you’ll know that it happens fast. One moment, you can barely see the hint of glowing red peaking through the clouds. A blink of the eye later and the sun is big and full, high in the sky and beaming its golden light down below.As my friends scurried around furiously snapping away, worrying about underexposing or overexposing or which ISO to use or from what vantage point to shoot, I found myself content with simply sitting still and watching. Observing. I don’t do that a whole lot (remember the time I was sick?), and as I sat there, soaking in every second of the sun rising, I realized that I rarely do that. I rarely watch the sun rise without feeling obligated to snap a photo or shoot some video. It was a nice change of pace, a much-needed break from the norm. After the sun had made its way into the clouds above, I snapped a few photos with my iPhone and GoPro to document the morning and at least make an attempt to capture the beauty, but I hardly did it justice.DCIM101GOPROWho cares that I didn’t take an epic time lapse of the sunrise? Who cares that I didn’t get the shot? Aside from that little voice in my head, my own worst critic, the answer was nobody. What matters is that I was up early enough to see the sun rise at all, that I had breathed in a little bit of mountain air before most were even awake.So maybe it wasn’t that you forgot your camera. Maybe it was that you forgot to return a call, pay the electric bill on time, or show up to the doctor’s appointment you planned six months ago. Maybe it’s that this project you’ve poured your heart and soul into for the past semester didn’t turn out quite like you’d initially imagined it. Whatever it is that you did to disappoint yourself, forget it. Let it go, and remember that nobody’s perfect and everyone is their own worst critic. Cut yourself some slack and hop off that pedestal. If you don’t, it’s a long way to fall.last_img read more

PST lays out card security road map for 2015, beyond

first_imgA new paper from the Payments Security Task Force (PST) has outlined a strategic road map for increased payments system security, designed to keep consumers’ personal information from being compromised.Eric Richard, general counsel and executive vice president for regulatory affairs for the Credit Union National Association, serves as CUNA’s representative on the task force, which also includes senior staff from Visa, MasterCard, financial institutions and merchants.“We are encouraged by collaborative efforts on this strategic road map issued by the Payment Security Task Force. The joint paper provides background and key recommendations for merchants, acquirers and other stakeholders to take steps to improve payments security,” Richard said.CUNA also believes that a layered approach to improving payments security should consist of chip cards, encryption and tokenization for all entities. continue reading » 9SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Rockefeller Center Christmas tree donated from Oneonta is up in Manhattan

first_imgThis is the 88th Christmas tree the center has had, but the lighting ceremony this year will look a little different. MANHATTAN (WBNG) — The Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree has officially arrived and is standing in Manhattan, traveling from Oneonta. Rockefeller Center says there will be no public access to this year’s tree lighting ceremony. However, the ceremony will be broadcas live. For more information on the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting, click here. The tree arrived in Manhattan today and in just 17 days, on December 2, the annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting will take place. center_img Click here to see our coverage of the backstory behind this year’s Rockefeller tree. Viewers can catch the tree being lit for the holiday season in “Christmas in Rockefeller Center” from home on NBC on December 2. 12 News reporter Julia Gorman was live at the scene in Oneonta Thursday when the chosen tree was cut down and sent on its way to New York City. last_img read more

H1N1 FLU BREAKING NEWS: Masks vs respirators, steps for business travelers, vaccine safety, Tamiflu resistance, restaurant flu safety

first_imgSep 15, 2009Study finds no protection from surgical masksSurgical masks don’t protect healthcare workers, but N95 respirators do, according to a 5-week trial at 24 Chinese hospitals. Results of the trial, headed by researchers from Australia, were presented today at the Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. The study involved 1,936 healthcare workers and also showed that fit-testing did not appear to boost N95 efficacy. A federal group recently said that workers caring for H1N1 patients should use fit-tested N95s.http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601124&sid=aom5wokKoMSoSep 15 Bloomberg News storyBusiness travel group advises curbing handshakesThe Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) yesterday urged its members to temporarily suspend business handshakes until the threat of the pandemic H1N1 virus subsides. The group said business travelers might be less willing to soil their business suits covering coughs and sneezes with their sleeves and cuffs and that eliminating the handshake could reduce person-to-person spread. The group also recommends that business travelers carry hand sanitizer and get vaccinated.http://www.acte.org/resources/press_release.php?id=434Sep 14 ACTE press releaseCDC issues new vaccine safety resourcesYesterday the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued documents addressing pandemic H1N1 vaccine safety, Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS), thimerosal, and general immunization issues. The CDC notes that each year 1 to 2 people per 100,000 develop GBS, whether or not they are vaccinated. Though research has found no evidence that thimerosal preservative is unsafe, two versions of the vaccine won’t need to contain it: single-use and inhaled units.http://www2a.cdc.gov/podcasts/download.asp?af=h&f=14846&s_cid=cs_000_swCDC Q&A on Guillain-Barre syndromeTamiflu-resistant H1N1 said to be less transmissibleThe same genetic mutation that makes the pandemic H1N1 virus resistant to oseltamivir (Tamiflu) also reduces its ability to spread to others, said David Mercer, acting head of the communicable disease unit in the World Health Organization’s European regional office, as reported by Bloomberg News today. He noted that 23 oseltamivir-resistant H1N1 cases have been identified. Public health officials are concerned that overuse of the drug may lead to widespread resistance.http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601124&sid=aG.qKHeqAsi4Sep 15 Bloomberg News reportRestaurant carves out flu-control nicheA restaurant in a Spanish suburb of Madrid has specialized in preventing pandemic H1N1 flu and other infectious diseases by adopting measures such as taking employee temperatures at the start of each shift, washing menus after each use, and placing tables farther apart, the Associated Press (AP) reported. The eatery is designed so that customers don’t need to touch doorknobs, faucets, or light switches.http://www.dailymail.com/foodandliving/200909140077Sep 14 AP storylast_img read more

Arsenal confirm £8m signing of David Luiz from Chelsea

first_imgArsenal completed the deadline day transfer of David Luiz from Chelsea (Picture: Getty)David Luiz has completed an £8million move from Chelsea to Arsenal, following Kieran Tierney through the doors at the north London club on deadline day.Just three months after signing a contract extension at Stamford Bridge, Luiz has put pen to paper on a deal at Arsenal which runs through to 2021.The 32-year-old defender trained away from Chelsea’s first-team this week as he looked to push through a controversial move across London, with the Gunners on the hunt for Laurent Koscielny’s replacement.Unai Emery worked with Luiz for a short time at Paris Saint-Germain and was keen to get a deal over the line for the Brazil centre-back to add some experience to Arsenal’s options at the back.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTMore: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal‘David has huge experience and I look forward to working with him again,’ said Emery. ‘He is a well known player and adds to our defensive strength.’ Advertisement Comment Luiz was banished from Chelsea training as he pushed to join Arsenal (Picture: Getty)Luiz, who made 248 appearances across his two spells at Chelsea, was upset with the club’s handling of Maurizio Sarri who left to join Juventus earlier this summer.While he publicly endorsed Frank Lampard’s appointment as manager earlier this summer, reports suggest the pair’s relations deteriorated rapidly in recent days.Lampard named Luiz on the substitutes bench away to Borussia Monchengladbach last weekend which left the defender feeling concerned about his Chelsea future, believing his first-team opportunities could be limited under his former team-mate.Luiz is the sixth new addition through the doors at Arsenal this summer, with Dani Ceballos (loan), Gabriel Martinelli, Nicolas Pepe and William Saliba – who has been loaned back to Saint-Etienne – and Kieran Tierney also joining in recent weeks.MORE: Danny Drinkwater on brink of completing loan deal to Burnley Metro Sport ReporterThursday 8 Aug 2019 8:02 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link2.3kShares Arsenal confirm £8m signing of David Luiz from Chelsea Advertisementlast_img read more