DCC will reconsider decision to defer housing offer to Traveller family

first_img WhatsApp RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Donegal County Council says it will reconsider an application for housing support to a family on foot of a hearing in the High Court.The journal.ie reports that Brian and Eileen Ward and their five children, who are members of the Travelling community, had sued the council after it decided not to offer them housing support on the grounds that they posed an unacceptable risk of engaging in anti-social behaviour.The family, which includes two children with medical needs, is currently living in a caravan at Shore Front, Bundoran.The family challenged the council’s decision in the High Court, claiming it was flawed because irrelevant considerations had been taken into account.The matter returned before the High Court when barrister Mark Lynam, who appeared for the Wards with solicitors for the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, told Mr Justice Antony Barr that the council had agreed to reconsider the Ward’s application for housing support.Fintan Valentine, counsel for the local authority, said the order could be quashed on consent and said his client had acted “with expedition” after the case had been brought to court. Judge Barr struck out the proceedings.The family currently have no running water and have limited use of a generator and had unsuccessfully tried to secure private rented accommodation.Last March they had been told by the council they presented a risk of engaging in anti-social behaviour and any offer of housing had been deferred. Homepage BannerNews Facebook Twitter By News Highland – September 20, 2017 DL Debate – 24/05/21 DCC will reconsider decision to defer housing offer to Traveller family Harps come back to win in Waterford WhatsApp Google+center_img Pinterest Twitter Previous articleRyan Phillippe denies domestic violence allegationsNext articleSpeed Awareness initiative taking place at Liscooley News Highland Arranmore progress and potential flagged as population grows Journey home will be easier – Paul Hegarty Important message for people attending LUH’s INR clinic Google+ Facebook Pinterest News, Sport and Obituaries on Monday May 24th last_img read more

Cheat sheet for watching draft

first_imgFor the NFL’s 32 franchises, making selections in the draftis, at best, a crapshoot. Attempting to watch all 20 or so televised hours ofit at home isn’t much easier.But, like a fourth-round pick that turns into a Pro Bowler,there are plenty of rewards to be had for those who are fully prepared to watchall two days of televised coverage this weekend.And, just as it’s preparation that makes winners and loserson draft weekend for the franchises handing out multi-million dollar contracts,it is having a plan that separates a wasted spring weekend from a glorious onefor fans.Consider the following information a scouting report on howto succeed come Saturday.?It’s a marathon, not a sprint.As if the 10 (mercifully down from 15) minutes allotted forpicks in the first round wasn’t enough of an indicator, the draft goes at anincredibly slow pace. If you get too excited, or gorge too much during thefirst round, you’re never going to make it through the end of the first day, letalone the seventh round.Pacing yourself helps, and it’s a lot easier if you haveways of entertaining yourself during the slow parts of the draft. Try guessingthe number of products Drew Rosenhaus puts in his hair or spotting the one fanin the pro-Jets crowd gutsy enough to wear a Wes Welker jersey. It’s theselittle time-killers that will get you through the four-and-a-half minutesPittsburgh takes to make its fifth-round selection.?Keep your excitement in check. You will never hear fromhalf of these players again.This certainly is more relevant to anything that happens onthe second day, but really applies to all the selections made during the draft.There are more than 250 players who will have their name called this weekendand the vast majority of them won’t be a factor on the field for a few years,if ever.So, while you might find yourself gushing over the receiverwith the 4.3 speed but suspect hands taken midway through the sixth round, it’simportant to understand that the next time you hear from him might be when he’srunning routes in the AFL. Or taking your order at McDonalds.?No matter what you may think, Mel Kiper Jr. knows morethan you do.It is Kiper’s job to know things like the number of leftypunters from the Big 12 available in the draft, and he spends an inordinateamount of time preparing for it. While you watch Scrubs nine times a day, he’swatching tape, tape and more tape.As such, don’t even pretend to know as much as he does.Sure, he makes mistakes every now and then, but it’s never because of a lack ofpreparation.If you were planning to spend your weekend making outlandishpredictions to your friends (Felix Jones is the best back in the draft!) anddisagreeing with the actual experts (not the guys on whatever fly-by-night blogyou read), it is only going to make you look like an ass. Just sit back andaccept Kiper’s analysis as more accurate than yours.?Keep your cell phone handy.NFL teams spend half of their drafts working the phones.Calling other teams with trade offers, calling in their picks, calling theplayers they drafted… the telephone is what makes the draft run.You too should be ready to make phone calls at a moment’snotice. Minnesota doesn’t get their pick off in time? Text your friend in St.Paul. Chicago doesn’t draft a quarterback? Give a ring to your friend thatthinks Rex Grossman is the devil. Communication during the draft is key. Plus,you never know when someone in your favorite team’s war room is going to wantyour input, or to let you know you’ve been drafted.?Find one player to love unabashedly for the rest of hiscareer.It’s always nice to follow someone’s career from start tofinish, and this weekend will be the start of many new careers. You can’t picka winner every year (where did you go, P.K. Sam?), but every once in a while alate pick that you made “your guy” comes through for you, and it’s apretty rewarding experience. Just avoid picking someone who’s more likely tohave his name pop up in a police report than a highlight reel.?Remote controls exist for a reason. Use them.Even the most diehard fan will struggle to make it throughthe entire draft, especially because it means seeing the same three or fourUnder Armour commercials several dozen times. In order to stay fresh, it is importantto take quick breaks, and not just to go to the bathroom or the fridge.I’d suggest flipping over to the NBA Playoffs duringcommercials. Nobody’s going to judge you for not watching commercials. Justdon’t let yourself get distracted for too long.?Take notes, but only in your head.If you’re going to forget everything you hear and learnduring the draft, you might as well not watch it. By retaining the informationpresented this weekend, though, you can have a leg up on the competition inyour fantasy draft or in spontaneous sports trivia battles. That doesn’t meanyou should write everything down, however.Watching the draft is supposed to be enjoyable; it’s nothomework. Put the pens and paper away and give your memory some exercise.?Lastly, remember the NFL Draft comes just once a year.You might be pressured to go outside or turn off thetelevision. Some people may tell you that watching the whole draft isn’thealthy, or normal. And, while they may be right, this isn’t something you doevery weekend, so go all out.Ignore the naysayers. Use the above cheat sheet. Soak inChris Berman’s excitement and get yourself psyched up for the 2008 season.There will be plenty of sunny weekends to spend outdoors, sogo ahead and devote this one to the football.Like the draft teaches us every year, the bigger the risk,the bigger the reward.?Mike is a sophomore majoring in political science. Ifyou’d like to know his 40-yard dash time he can be reached at [email protected]last_img read more