Mozilla pushes unified interface for all versions of Firefox

first_imgWhen you ship a piece of cross-platform software, it make sense to try and keep the experience a unified one. Your users probably own multiple devices, after all, and you don’t need to be confusing matters by placing UI elements in different spots and re-arranging menus. At Mozilla’s recent fxworkweek in Toronto, the Foundation’s UX teams showed off their vision for a more cohesive future.The sweeping curves that you may have seen before will eventually adorn Firefox across all platforms. Mock-ups of the desktop redesign were on display last month, and they showed a Chrome-y looking Firefox with new tabs, no giant orange button, and new download and menu buttons next to the Awesome Bar. That look has been softened slightly and the curves accentuated, and it’s clear that Mozilla is heading further away from the boxy tabs of Firefox past.Tweaks will be required, obviously. The Windows 8 Metro version will, for example, have tab thumbnails shown above and a toolbar at the bottom (which is revealed only when needed) as per the Metro design guidelines. The Android tablet version that was shown, however, retains the current layout: tab thumbnails at the side and an Awesome Bar layout that closely resembles the one from the standard desktop Firefox version.Another part of the UX overhaul that was shown: Reading Mode, which will perform an Instapaper (or Safari Reader) -like makeover on a webpage. Web content not required is stripped away, leaving just a traditional newspaper-column style text. Though the mock-ups only showed this on the Android version, it’s a good fit for other versions as well — particularly the Firefox Metro app for Windows 8.More at ExtremeTechlast_img read more