These 3Dprinted NFCtagged figures are basically DIY Skylanders

first_imgSkylanders, the runaway hit spawned from the Spyro franchise, became so popular mainly because it is a product that incorporates video games with action figures. Each figure represents a character in the game, and can be summoned into the game through the use of its Portal of Power. The tech behind the game is pretty simple — the Portal is just an NFC reader and each action figure has a tag embedded within.Now NFC company Flomio has launched a service that makes it possible for you to 3D-print what is essentially your own do-it-yourself Skylanders figures. By using a process that can embed an NFC tag into a 3D-printed object, one could — in theory — rip the tag out of a Skylander, and include it into a custom-built, 3D-printed figurine. Granted, the new figurine won’t show up in the game, but at least you can confuse your friends for a minute, or perhaps even make improvements to current Skylanders models.You can send a file of the desired 3D model (.stl is the only currently accepted format) to Flomio, pick a size (largest being 15 x 15 x 15cm), which NFC tag to use, and either blue, green, or white plastic. If you accept Flomio’s price quote — 50 cents per cubic centimeter, plus four bucks shipping — they’ll print the figurine and ship it back to you.You may want to be a bit careful before you shove a Skylanders tag into a Flomio figurine, though, as Activision won’t be too thrilled about it.Now read:’s review of Skylanders Giantslast_img read more