Who needs plows In 1948 Boston Mayor suggested flamethrowers to clear snow

first_imgBack in 1948, Boston was experiencing a Snowpocalypse of their very own. At the time, then Mayor James Curley (not pictured above) was looking for a way to disperse the huge amounts snow that had fallen so it didn’t all melt at once causing major flooding in the city.So like any good mayor, Curley sought out the smartest minds at his disposal and sent a letter to the geniuses at MIT looking for a possible solution. Only in his letter, he made several recommendations for the removal of such massive snow accumulation like using chemicals and flamethrowers.You read right. Curley suggested flamethrowers to take care of the huge snow removal problem.I don’t now about you, but while flamethrowers don’t sound like the most environmentally friendly option to rid our streets of snow and ice, I would be first in line to use one just to clear my freaking driveway so I could actually move my car this week.Read Curley’s full letter at MIT, via Reddit.last_img read more