Dragon Quest X requires 70 minute install

first_imgAlthough it has gained in popularity among Western gamers ever since the release of Dragon Quest VIII on the PS2, it’s Japan where Dragon Quest games see the most success. A new release in the series usually results in millions of pre-orders and first days sales, and lots of time taken off work or school.Dragon Quest X has just been released on the Wii in Japan, but it is really testing the patience of gamers. DQ10 is an unusual release in the series because it isn’t your typical JRPG. This time Square Enix opted to make an MMO, the first to ever see a release on the Wii.That decision has meant gamers can’t just buy the game, they need a 16GB USB stick, too. While no one appreciates being forced to buy storage to play a game, that’s not the main issue. The problem is, DQ10 requires an install, and Japanese gamers are finding the process takes 70 minutes.I get annoyed if I insert a disc in my 360 or PS3 and get told an update is required before I can play. But they never take 70 minutes. It seems ludicrous that the process takes so long and that the game has been designed to require so much data be transferred to the USB stick.Square Enix may be able to speed the process up with a patch, but by then all the day one buyers will have sat through the install becoming ever more frustrated. I bet more than a few have decided the install must have crashed and tried again.The game is also set to be released on the Wii U where the long install process can hopefully be sped up significantly, but that may not be the case if the system relies on an external hard drive.Hopefully, if there is an issue with the install process, Square Enix can fix it before deciding to release the game in the West on either platform.via Kotakulast_img read more