Wii U GamePads wont be sold separatly anytime soon

first_imgAs we all know, Nintendo’s new console the Wii U is launching on November 18th with a host of games available and the pre-orders for it are already selling out everywhere.It’s not all good news for Nintendo fans, though. Nintendo has announced they won’t be selling the console’s unique GamePad separately until next year at the earliest. The main reason being that there are currently no games that use two GamePads scheduled for launch.That’s fair enough, but what if you break one? It’s not as accident prone as the Wii Remote as no one will be thrusting their gamepad towards their TV at speed, we hope. But since the Wii U is a family console a child could accidentally sit on it and crack the screen, spill liquid over it, or generally get too rough with the tablet controller.Nintendo has said they will replace any broken GamePad, but it comes at a cost. They will charge an undisclosed fee for replacing one, which we can guess will be around about $172 as that’s how much Japanese gamers have been told they’ll cost. Other than a lack of game support Nintendo may not want shelves filled with $170 controllers, and possibly couldn’t supply them even if it wanted to. The GamePad has been rumored to be quite difficult to manufacture.It probably wont be long after launch that someone does break their GamePad, and hopefully at that point they’ll share the process (and cost) of having Nintendo ship them out a new one.via TechRadarlast_img read more