Super Talent turns USB 30 drives into virtual PCs with Ceedo

first_imgRead more at Super TalentMatthew’s OpinionThis is something I hadn’t really considered with the introduction of a faster USB standard. Not only can we have apps stored on these USB 3.0 drives, but the speed allows everything to run from the drive as if you’re running them on the machine’s main hard drive. It’s a PC in your pocket the size of a thumb drive.With USB 2.0 flash drives suites of apps could run directly from the drive, but the transfer speed was a limitation. That limitation now seems to have gone.A lot of users now rely upon cloud-based services to allow work to occur on any machine, but companies can see this as a security risk, so an offline alternative is desirable. There’s also a market here for people who work on locked down machines, but want to spend their lunch breaks writing, playing games, or catching up on some personal reading.The only issue I have with this Ceedo solution is it costs money to purchase and use. I’m sure there’s some capable free alternatives out there. If you have a recommendation for some alternatives please share it with us. With the introduction of USB 3.0 we can now all carry around a super-fast portable drive in our pocket. Such transfer speeds also open up the market for more functionality beyond just storing data, and storage specialst Super Talent has picked up on that fact.The company’s USB 3.0 Express RAM Cache flash drive now has the option of bundling Ceedo Personal–a suite of commonly used apps that runs right off the drive. This includes many of the typical Windows programs we use on a daily basis such as, your favorite browser, Skype, e-mail, and a whole host of other apps across the following categories:AdChoices广告ProductivityInstant MessengersWeb BrowsersFun & GamesPhoto EditorsMedia PlayersUtilitiesIT CornerThe full list of compatible apps is available to view on the Ceedo Programs Directory.The benefit of using Ceedo is that all your data remains on the portable drive, with the PC only being used for resources such as screen and keyboard use. As it’s on a USB 3.0 drive too, the loading of these apps is near instant. One final advantage is the fact it doesn’t require admin rights to run, so if you’re on a locked-down machine at work, or a public terminal, you can still boot up your Ceedo programs.Super Talent is offering Ceedo packaged with an Express RAM Cache drive at a discounted price over the usual $40 charge. Buy it with the drive and you get half off the price. Here’s the 3 drive options with the Ceedo Personal software bundled:USB 3.0 Express Cach 16GB with Ceedo Personal – $79USB 3.0 Express Cach 32GB with Ceedo Personal – $119USB 3.0 Express Cach 54GB with Ceedo Personal – $209last_img read more