Ghana Tourism Authority calls for setting up of a tourism committee

first_imgAkwesi Agyeman, Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Tourism Authority has called for the formation of a ministerial tourism committee in order to enhance visa acquisition for tourists entering the country. Agyemang believes that the formation of such a committee would enhance service delivery at inbound countries and also ease visa acquisition for tourists coming to Ghana.“One of the things that we have proposed, which through our Ministry would be sent to the Cabinet, is the formation of a broad-based inter-ministerial tourism committee because tourism is one sector that has so many dependencies on other sectors,” he stated.He went on to add, “People come into Ghana wanting visas and sometimes if you go to the embassy in Germany, Poland and other places, it might take you more than a month to get a visa to come to Ghana and so we need to find ways to enhance service delivery at the inbound countries.”In May 2017, some hoteliers impressed on West African authorities to work to extend the visa on arrival policy to foreign tourists in a bid to boost the sector’s growth. They also argued that the move should ease the barriers restraining some tourists into the continent.“As it stands right now, most European and American tourists need visas before visiting Ghana for instance but they wouldn’t need visas to visit East or Southern Africa. As a result, these regions are still attracting huge chunks of visitors from the Americas and Europe,” said Yaw Mamphey, Sales and Marketing Manager, Accra City Hotel.last_img read more