Universities Essential for Success of Province

first_imgUniversities are essential to the future success of our province. University graduates are ready to be the innovative, creative thinkers of our world. They can enter the job market confident that they have the tools and information they need to adapt to tomorrow’s workforce. Keeping post-secondary education affordable for Nova Scotians remains a top priority of this government. Last year, the province invested $42.5 million to keep tuition at the national level, increase assistance levels and the grant to loan ratio, and cap student debt for the first time in Nova Scotia’s history – it’s the single largest annual investment specifically for students made by any Nova Scotia government. We introduced the Graduate Retention Rebate so that eligible graduates can reduce their provincial income taxes by up to $15,000 over six years. Eligible community college students can reduce theirs by up to $7,500. Government has a responsibility to find a balance that provides adequate funding for universities and a fair tuition for students, while continuing programs and services that benefit our communities and our economy. With that in mind, the new memorandum of understanding between the province and Nova Scotia’s 11 universities is aimed at keeping tuition at, or below, the national average, increases research and development opportunities, and invests $25 million in a new Innovation Fund for universities to help them become more sustainable. It’s a plan aimed at protecting Nova Scotia students and helping universities remain competitive and sustainable for years to come. Longer term, the province and its universities are set to conduct a tuition review that considers solutions that work for both students and universities. Nova Scotia’s universities provide the highest quality education and lifelong advantage for students. I remain committed to working with these institutions to ensure the future success of our world-class university system, and the future success of Nova Scotia’s graduates. -30-last_img read more