Moscow reporter files complaint about attack in Chechnya, threats

first_imgThe day after the attack, local TV channels began relaying a propaganda campaign approving the attacks and even calling for Milashina and Dubrovina to be killed. “For what they are doing in Chechnya, they should not just be attacked but also killed,” said persons identified as “ordinary residents” on the Instagram accounts of Chechnya Sevodnya, Grozny-Inform and the Grozny public TV channel. Follow the news on Russia Читать на русском / Read in RussianReporters Without Borders (RSF) condemns the impunity enjoyed by those who attacked  Moscow-based Russian journalist Elena Milashina during a visit to Chechnya earlier this month and have continued to threaten her, and calls for a transparent and effective investigation by the federal authorities.A reporter for the independent Moscow tri-weekly Novaya Gazeta, Milashina filed a complaint today with the federal Investigative Committee in Moscow against the people who attacked her in the lobby of her hotel in the Chechen capital of Grozny on 6 February and against those who subsequently threatened her, including the person who sent a threatening letter to the newspaper on 13 February. Milashina had gone to Grozny to cover the trial of a blogger who, without adding any comment, just posted a video of a neighbourood in the Grozny city centre entitled “How Kadyrov and his companions live.” So far, a police officer equipped with a disposable camera just took photos of the ground at the entrance to the hotel where, on the evening of 6 February, Milashina and Dubrovina were attacked by about 15 people, who threw them to the ground and hit them, while accusing them of “helping the Wahhabis.” RussiaEurope – Central Asia Condemning abusesProtecting journalists WomenImpunityViolence Until now, the Russian federal authorities have said they are not concerned by the attacks and threats against Milashina. This matter “is not a Kremlin problem,” Russian presidential spokesman Dmitri Peskov said on 10 February. It was “a matter for the regional police,” he added. June 2, 2021 Find out more News Credit: Anna Artemieva / Novaya Gazeta This letter, which advised Milashina to “forget Chechnya,” was sent by a woman who identifies herself on social networks as “Chechnya’s leading executioner” and as a “killer” working directly for Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, who rules the autonomous Russian republic with an iron hand. But the Chechen police have done almost nothing. According to Milashina, they have yet to request the recordings of the 27 CCTV cameras of the Hotel Continent, where the attack against Milashina and human rights lawyer Marina Dubrovina took place. News “This impunity for violence and for public calls for journalists to be murdered is intolerable,” said Jeanne Cavelier, the head of RSF’s Eastern Europe and Central Asia desk. “We call on the Russian authorities to guarantee the security of Elena Milashina and fellow journalists who are particularly threatened by the Chechen authorities. Although an autonomous republic, Chechnya is part of the Russian Federation. It falls to Moscow to conduct a transparent and effective investigation in this territory, in order to comply with its international obligations.” RussiaEurope – Central Asia Condemning abusesProtecting journalists WomenImpunityViolence A total of five Novaya Gazeta journalists have been murdered with complete impunity in the past 20 years: Igor Domnikov in 2000, Yuri Shchekochikhin in 2003, Anna Politkovskaya in 2006 and Natalya Estemirova and Anastasia Baburova in 2009. Religious officials close to Kadyrov even declared a “holy war” against the embattled newspaper in 2017 after it covered the persecution of gays in Chechnya. Help by sharing this information Russia is ranked 149th out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2019 World Press Freedom Index. Related documents Читать на русском / Read in RussianPDF – 202.44 KB News May 21, 2021 Find out more The Chechen leader, Kadyrov had himself previously threatened journalists on 4 November, urging people to “kill, imprison and terrify” those who “spread rumours” about Chechnya. Receive email alerts to go further Organisation Russian media boss drops the pretence and defends Belarus crackdown February 19, 2020 Moscow reporter files complaint about attack in Chechnya, threats Two Russian journalists persecuted for investigating police corruption News RSF_en What with threatening Radio Echo of Moscow news editor Alexei Venediktov, jailing Zhalaudi Geriyev, a contributor to the independent news website Kavkazsky Uzel, on a fabricated drug charge, and orchestrating a violent attack on a group of journalists near the border, Chechnya has in effect banned all criticism and independent journalism and has become a news and information black hole with Moscow’s blessing. Listed as a “foreign agent”, Russia’s most popular independent website risks disappearing May 5, 2021 Find out morelast_img read more

Youth Council calls for investigation at Buff Bay High School

first_img Tweet Share Share 38 Views   no discussions NewsRegional Youth Council calls for investigation at Buff Bay High School by: – September 22, 2011center_img Sharing is caring! Share Kingston, September 22, 2011: President of the National Youth Council of Jamaica (NYCJ) Ryan Small is calling on the Health Ministry Regional Authority to conduct a thorough investigation and assessment of the School environment in light of the mysterious illness that affected 40 students from the institution yesterday who had to seek medical attention at the town‟s health clinic and the Annotto Bay Hospital respectively. This assessment and investigation must be done at earliest in an effort to ascertain the root cause of the illness so that the necessary measures can be implemented to remedy the situation.Principal Nadine Molloy Young assessment of the situation in my view is “illogical and contradictory” has she stated that “We took three students to the clinic,” said Molloy Young. “I am aware that one of the students is asthmatic, while another is epileptic. To say 50 or more students were rushed to hospital is not true and unrealistic. Two-thirds of my staff are trained medically to deal with situations like these. As a result, most of the students were not taken to hospital. I heard that some students were taken to the Annotto Bay Hospital, and I will be visiting that facility.” Ms. Molloy Young stated that they took “three students” to the clinic and that “most” were not taken to hospital, but „most‟ indicates that there is more than three. She needs to be truthful about the situation at hand.On the other hand, Ms. Molloy Young stated that “classrooms were overcrowded and that children had been fainting since the beginning of this year”. This in my view is not grounded and could not have been so as based on reports the mysterious illness started about lunchtime, and affected mostly students from grade seven who were either having their lunches or were studying at the library and further seek to cast blame on the Education budget cut that will postpone the construction of two new schools for this financial year. This is of great concern to us and should be treated accordingly forthwith.Press ReleaseNational Youth Council of Jamaicalast_img read more

Senegal finish year top of Africa rankings, Uganda 1 up

first_imgJohannesburg, South Africa | AFP | Senegal ended this year as the highest ranked African national team, edging Cup of Nations title-holders the Ivory Coast for top spot in the December listings released Thursday.Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Ghana and Morocco complete the top 10 compiled by world governing body FIFA.All the countries bar Nigeria will be among the 16 challengers for the Cup of Nations title when Gabon stages the 2017 tournament between January 14 and February 5.Another four qualified teams — Mali, Cameroon, giantkillers Guinea-Bissau and Uganda — are among the top 20 ranked teams. Uganda, 73rd last month, move a place up to 72nd place in the world.Gabon-bound Togo and Zimbabwe and the host nation fall outside the elite, but should not be underestimated when the biennial African Cup kicks off in Libreville. A Senegal side packed with Europe-based professionals, including Sadio Mane of Liverpool and Keita Balde of Lazio, completed their Cup of Nations qualifiers with a perfect six-win record.But after a routine win over Cape Verde at the start of the 2018 World Cup qualifiers, they fell 2-1 to South Africa, who scored from a penalty that should not have been awarded.Monthly African rankings released by FIFA Thursday (world ranking in brackets):1 Senegal (33), 2 Ivory Coast (34), 3 Tunisia (35), 4 Egypt (36), 5 Algeria (38), 6 Democratic Republic of Congo (48), 7 Burkina Faso (50), 8 Nigeria (51), 9 Ghana (53), 10 Morocco (57)11 Mali (60), 12 South Africa (60), 13 Cameroon (65), 14 Benin (66), 15 Guinea-Bissau (68), 16 Guinea (69), 17 Congo Brazzaville (70), 18 Uganda (72), 19 Cape Verde (80), 20 Libya (85)Share on: WhatsApplast_img read more

Vantage Physician’s Dr. Samantha Ritchie Reflects on her Medical Trip to…

first_imgFacebook54Tweet0Pin0 Submitted by Dr. Samantha Ritchie for Vantage PhysiciansDr. Samantha Ritchie of Vantage Physicians examines a child on her recent medical trip to Haiti.In March, I went on another medical trip to Haiti. (I think it was my seventh trip with Friends of Haiti.) We saw over 1400 patients in the short time we were in the village of Grand Boulage.  Most weren’t sick, at least not right then.  They all lived a hard life, without electricity or running water, or the everyday things we take for granted, like books or newspapers, or even a change of clothes.  We gave the residents vitamins, medicine against worms, soap, and toothbrushes.  We did what we could to help.Some people we saw were quite sick, like the woman with third degree burns over much of her body after a kerosene lantern exploded.  One three month old baby died.  We coded him on the same table where, several hours later, we ate dinner. I have not yet gotten over the grief of that one.The group of volunteers had real cohesion this year.  We felt that a strange combination of “This is fun” and “I am doing some good” to “This is terrible” and “I know nothing.”One evening, I gave a talk on high blood pressure, attended by about five elderly Haitians.  We see a lot of hypertension in Haiti.  Afterwards, one of the participants asked me why it was dangerous to touch a person who had just had a stroke.  In Haiti, many believe that if you touch a person who has fainted, they will become paralyzed in the part of the body you touch.The elders in the class have had no chance to go to school, but they know how to persevere despite hardships I cannot imagine. They may not understand human physiology, but they understand life. In many ways, they are the teachers.Heartfelt thanks to all those who supported Friends of Haiti!last_img read more